If the glory of Zion is lifted up on High in righteousness should the LORD stand still? Should be not make haste and come forth rejoicing? The LORD is my God. Truly I tell you that if the glory of Zion is lifted up in righteousness the LORD shall make haste and rejoice. I have magnified the LORD and seen the pleasures of his glory. If the heart is pure and the intent of it is good the LORD will acknowledge thee. In the highest of the highest there is a mighty God. To whom all power and glory are bestowed, the LORD is magnified. Stretch forth thy hands, O children of Zion, and make known the beauty of holiness before the LORD. Exalt his name with gladness. Rejoice in the salvation of the LORD. Rejoice in the goodness and the faithfulness of our LORD. Rejoice in the lovingkindness and the mercies of our God. Rejoice in his judgments. They are true and righteous altogether. Let Zion rejoice. Let the King of glory be magnified. “Who is the King of glory? The LORD strong and mighty, the LORD mighty in battle” (Psalm 24:8). Let the LORD of hosts be magnified forever. O Zion, let the King come in and lift up his glory. Honour him; praise him; bless him; reverence him; worship him; delight in him. He is our LORD. Remember the ways of the LORD and jump for joy. Remember his goodness and mercies and sing songs of jubilation. Let glory amount on High. Let it be exceedingly rich with praises. The LORD is our God. We shall lift up his name forever. I tell you the truth. In Zion the glory of the LORD shall be magnified. And the joys of the elect shall come forth with haste.

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