Bless the LORD, O my soul and all that is within me. Bless his holy name (Psalm 103:1).

Let Zion rejoice. Let the lifting up of the glory of God on High be magnified. The beauty of holiness is the LORD. He is the Creator of all things heaven and earth. Let his glory be magnified forever. Extol him in the highest. Be glad to praise the most High God. Stretch forth thy hands, O children of light, and praise the LORD. O LORD, the purpose of every man’s soul is to praise thee. What shall it profit a man if he lost his way and not know this truth? O my darling, teach us what is acceptable before thee. Help us that we may follow what is good and pleasant in thy eyes. O LORD, shine your light before us. Make our path to follow after thee. My God, truly thy hand is full of hope. Thou art my joy. Truly the ways of the LORD shall profit our souls. O Father, I adore you. Thou knowest this truth, how the lifting up of thy glory brings joy to my soul. Day and night thy praises must come. Thou did not cease from being God in the day nor the night. Thou art God forever. Thou have laid down thy foundation in the beginning and it shall not be moved. O LORD, my glory, my excellencies, my darling, let thy praises be magnified forever. Truly thy name shall be remembered. We shall not forget thy goodness and mercies, nor shall we forget the salvation of our God. Even thy lovingkindness of old we shall remember. O LORD that favours us, our souls delight in thy praises. The exaltation of our God brings joy to our souls. Let us give up our glory; they belong to the LORD. Let every man who knows not the LORD seek thy face and give honour to thee. The LORD that blesses our souls shall be honored. The LORD’S name is full of glory. We shall bestowed upon him his glory due. In the highest is name shall be lifted up forever. My soul rejoices in his praises. Let us lift up the LORD and let us not cease. O Israel, praise the LORD. Rejoice in him; for it is well with your soul. It is good to give thanks and praise the LORD.

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