LORD, I repent of my sins that I may draw near to thee and not be ashamed. O Father, thou art my hope. Thou art my everything. If I have not thee then I have nothing. But if the LORD is with me then shall my glory be excellent and I shall rejoice in thy hope. Surely, what a man desire in his heart shall either bring forth joy or sorrow. O LORD, let my heart desire thee that my soul may reap the joy of the LORD. LORD, thou knowest the way and thy hand is full of hope. Thou art the beginning and the end. Thou art the blessed hope. Guide my steps, O God. Lead me to the gates of righteousness and I shall follow thee. O glory on High, my blessed hope, let thy rejoicing never cease. Let the lifting up of thy glory be forever magnified. LORD, let me follow thee into the light. Thou art my light, O God. Let me hope in my God who sheweth lovingkindness to me. Let my soul delight in all that is God’s. O the lifting up of the glory of God is a joy to my soul. O Father, glorify thyself, O LORD. Thou art my God; tarry no more. Let every hill, every mountain, every valley rejoice in thy name. Let every living thing make haste to lift thy glory. O righteous and loving God, thou art truly great and mighty before my eyes. Thy glory shall not be hidden; I shall lift it up before men and nations. I shall testify to thy glory and the lifting up of thy hand. The LORD that delights my soul shall be elevated above all. And no one shall bring it down. I speak the things that are right before God. It shall remain. The excellencies of the LORD shall rejoice forever! The LORD is excellent in all his ways. O Jacob, rise up and praise the LORD. Lift up his glory. The LORD of hosts who attends to our cause and help us shall be praised. Let his name be esteemed with glory. The glory of the LORD is magnified in the highest. The glory of the LORD is magnified forever.


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