The LORD is blessed forever! Because the LORD did not withhold his blessings from me I shall bless him. His Holy name shall be lifted up on High. All shall hear it and know that he is LORD. His beauty shall not be hidden. The delights of the LORD shall be declared. All the riches of his glory shall come shining through. The LORD on High is magnified forever. Glory will forever remain in his hand. O vain man, why seek not the LORD who sheweth the way? Why hope in vanity and delight in corruption? The LORD is my God. Hope in him and he will shew you a better way. Let the joys of his salvation beseech you. Let his righteousness rest up your heart. Let your soul delight in the glory of the LORD. Then shall you say, It is well with my soul. O lift up glory. Lift up my God. He bringeth hope to all the world. He bringeth light and shineth his light in darkness. Bless the LORD, the light of the living. Exalt him! Honour him! Bless him! Magnify his glory! The LORD who is my God is magnified forever. O how I love him. I have seen his goodness and mercy day and night. He giveth me peace and cause my heart to rejoice. The delights of the LORD are many; rejoice in them. Lift up the glory of God on High. Yea, lift up the King of Zion. Lift up RIGHTEOUSNESS. Lift up my God. For today the lifting up of the glory of God shall be magnified. Hope of righteousness shall be lifted up on High. Come to the light. Come to my Christ and let him be thy hope and thy salvation. The LORD delights in all his saints. Let him delight in you. My brother, my sister, the beloved of the LORD, let the LORD rejoice in you. For Jerusalem’s sake, cease not from praising God. Let your light shine in all the world. Lift up the King of Zion. Magnify the glory of God. For Zion’s sake rejoice in the name of the LORD.

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