My love, my dear Father, thou art marvelous in my eyes. I turn to thee, O LORD; for who can I turn to lest I be led astray? Thou art light in whom I seek light. Thou shew me the things that profit me and withhold not thy pleasures.  Thy praises shall be magnified, O God, because of thy lovingkindness. Thou art my salvation and my hope. Let glory abound in the heavens. The LORD is my God. Let it be marvelous before him. Lift up his blessed name on High. Exalt him! O Holy One of Israel, my God, let the riches of my glory magnify your name. Let the depths and heights bring glory to thee. O LORD, my darling, let thy bosom be filled with the pleasures of my soul. I delight in thee, O LORD. I am in awe with thy beauty. My God on High shall rejoice. The lifting up of his glory shall be magnified. Come and see the beauty of holiness, the blessed One. Come and see my God, the Creator of all things heaven and earth. Power and glory are in his hand. His right hand is a strong hand. All that was spoken by the LORD is true. I have seen his works; O how they delight my soul. My praises shall lift up the glory of God. Yea, I tell you the truth. My God is rejoicing as I speak. Glory must come and it must come by the mighty hand of God. O LORD my God, the hope of righteousness and all the world, let the people praise thee. Let every living thing lift up thy glory on High. Let them rejoice; for it is well with their souls to lift up my God. O beauty, how beautiful is thy countenance before me? What joy does thy hand bring in the morning to thy servant. Thou art my blessed hope. Thou art my living water. Thou art my fountain of youth. Thou art my God. This day glory shall be kept on High. My God shall be magnified in the highest. I have spoken this truth before all men and all nations. I am the LORD’S. He is my blessed hope and my Saviour. Glory will come by his mighty hand. So let it be!

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