Father of righteousness and truth, I pour out my heart before thee with thanksgiving. My adoration and my hope is in thee. All the joys of the morning is because of thee. Thou art my sustenance and my hope. I look to thee; for without thee I hope in vain. All thy glory swell up before me. Thou art everlasting God. I shall not hold back my praises. I shall be eager to lift up thy honour and glory. Thou O LORD are worthy to be praised. Let the excellencies of thy glory be magnified. Let every river give up their joy. Let every hill, every valley, every mountain, praise thy name. Let the moon and the sun and the stars remember thee and bless thee. Let them hope in thee; for by thy hand they shall prosper. O LORD, rest thy hand upon me. Surely thy hand is a blessed hand. I make myself low before thee, lift me up in thy beauty. LORD, you have awaken me to the morning’s joy. My heart is made glad in thy goodness. Thou sheweth favour and renew thy compassion daily. I remember thy goodness and my heart swells up with joy. O Father, you have given hope to the hopeless. Let my blessings pour upon you. I see thy works and thy mercies for thy people. They lift up your name with praises. They rejoice in thee. O LORD, let your glory be magnified. Let the heavens bring forth their rejoicing and let them not cease. Merciful God, I thank thee for your lovingkindness. Because of thy hand I yet remain to praise thy name. O glory, my blessed hope, in the highest of the highest let thy name be excellent forever. Without measure thou art exalted on High. In Zion there is a joy that will not end. The LORD reigns in Zion forever. Upon the mount of Zion the LORD is King. His name is esteemed in glory. Let it be written that the King of Zion is the LORD. We will give him his glory and adore him in his beauty. The joys of our hearts shall be marvelous for our God. We shall continually sing songs of jubilation; for the LORD is our God. Surely the children of God is blessed. For the hand that have chosen them is a blessed hand. Forever the LORD my God shall glory. He shall not hope in vain. The joys of heaven shall not cease. I look to the heavens and see glory and magnify the LORD. Power and greatness are in his hand. Glory is the LORD. Mighty is his name. The LORD is magnified in this truth. Behold, I speak the word of the LORD that you may magnify the glory of God. If the riches of his glory seep into your hearts then lift up the LORD in praises. Be generous with thy praises. Be bold and boast in the LORD. Let Zion hear your praises and let them rejoice in the name of the LORD. My God, who can do the things you do? Who is mighty as our God? There is none but thee, my everlasting God. Thou art everlasting unto everlasting glory. Because thou have ordained strength in babes and sucklings I lift up thy glory on High. I magnify thy name with boldness. With joy that flows like many rivers, I lift up thy name in righteousness. Thou have bestowed upon me thy goodness. With terrible hands in righteousness thou sheweth me mercy. All thy favours swell up on High. O mighty God, I will not cease from praising thee. If thou will hold my hand I will not let go of thee. O Father, pour your blessings upon me, and leave not the chosen. We are one in Christ and he is one with us. Let your glory beseech them. Let them rejoice in thy name. You have put your hope in their hearts; shall they not prosper by thy hand? O LORD, thou art the God of prosperity. By thy hand shall we live in thy riches. My God, truly their hope shall avail much. Thy praises shall be magnified. Thy glory shall not cease. O Zion, O beautiful Zion, the glory of the LORD is magnified forever. Exalt him in thy praises. In thy joy remember him. Lift him up in thy joy. Stretch forth thy hands with thanksgiving. Rejoice in the name of the LORD; for by his hand he has chosen you. By his tender love and mercies he did established your ways. In righteousness he lift up your glory. In heavenly places we dwell in hope. The things of the LORD are made known to us. Let us praise the LORD. Let us exalt him on High. Let us magnify his glory. The LORD has been good to us. Forever and ever, we shall praise his blessed name.

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