LORD, who is righteous but thee? All our righteousness are as filthy rags. We hope but our hope are as desolation without thee. By thy hand we glory. We stand strong in thy strength. O Father, my God, truly thou art my God. What can man do, lest the LORD allows it? Who can be brutish, lest this is his glory? The weak and the weary rise up in thy strength. The lowly is lifted up on High. By thy hand man prosper. Our prosperity is in the most High God. Let it be known in all the world that no one can sustain himself and that power belongs to Almighty God. It is by his hand that man shall live or die. The ways of this world is a mystery to the wicked. But the righteous know that all things are in God’s hand. We look to him for guidance. In his mercies we endure. We delight in the works of the LORD. If the LORD has done it then let us delight in it. Who is good but God? Whose judgments are true and righteous altogether? Is not the LORD’S? Many walk blindly yet they say, We see. And the things they see they do not understand. Who open the eyes of the blind but God? Who giveth wisdom but God? Who giveth understanding but God? Who maketh the wise foolish and the foolish wise? There is none but the LORD. This God is a mighty God. O brutish man, heed to the word of my God. Let him open your eyes to truth. Let him change your heart and fill it with love. Stand not on your own strength, lest you fall to the ground. If the LORD shall keep you then shall it be well with you. I tell you the truth: man is but vanity. Let vanity be vanity. All is vanity saith the preacher. Let vanity be vanity. But let us lift up the LORD on High and magnify his glory. Let us delight in the works of the LORD. In his salvation man shall live. Without God no man shall prosper. Give hell no glory; let it not have your soul. Turn from your wicked ways and seek the LORD. Repent of your sins and let the LORD have his way with you.

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