I will lift up the LORD on High. In Zion I shall rejoice in the name of the LORD. The mercy of God has beseeched me. His truth has seeped into my veins. O LORD that comfort my soul and bring wisdom and lift up my glory from the dust and caused my soul to hope in righteousness, I offer an abundance of thanks. LORD, because of your mercy and love, I lift up thy name on High. Because thou bringeth peace to my soul and reason to my heart, thy name shall be exalted. O Father, I will not hold back thy praises. Glory is thy name on High. Wisdom, knowledge, and understanding are in your hand. Thou art God Almighty. Thy name is the most High name. Let it be that your glory shall not cease. O LORD, who have done marvelous things before my eyes but thee? Thou teaches me things that I knew not. Thou have taken away the burdens from the sick. Thou have heeled the brokenhearted. How many glory in thy name? Thy excellencies shall never cease. I am a witness to thy great and mighty hand. Glory is the most High God. I have seen the miracles and the heeling power of my God. I have seen the beauty of holiness. The hand of righteousness beseeches me. Thou have given me confidence to say things in thy name. My God will have his way. The glory of the LORD will be magnified. When they said there is no way, I said my God will make a way. My God is capable; he will take away your sickness. He will put joy in your hearts. Who is man who maketh himself to be great, yet he do not understand the works of God? Who is he that stand tall, yet he will not prevail? I have seen the hand of righteousness. I have seen the goodness of God. The hand of beauty beseeched me. This God has done so many great things before me. My LORD, I thank you. I thank you for walking with me, for showing me things I knew not. I am in love with you and I cannot hide it. O glory my darling, let your joy come forth with gladness. Remember thy blessed hand that have caused so many to rejoice. Remember those who had no hope. But by thy hand their confidence were restored. The joys of heaven cannot be diminished. Thou art God. Thou art the most High. Compassion came by thy hand. Thou have turned the sorrows of many into joy. The hope of righteousness is indeed hopeful. Thou art my God. Thy praises shall be magnified. Let glory stand tall like a high tower. Glory is the LORD my God. His name remains in excellency. Power and glory shall beseech him. Honour and truth shall cloak him. He is the LORD, my God on High. My darling shall rejoice.

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