The praises of the LORD are surety in the hands of the elect. The chosen ones shall lift up Zion. We shall delight in the LORD. The LORD will be magnified for ever.

O LORD my God, my blessed hope, my beauty, let the great and mighty God bless the people that they may look to thee in their rejoicing and lift up thy glory on High. Thou art magnified in the highest. Let them magnify thy name forever. Thou art our joy. Thou look down upon us from heaven; thou knowest this truth. Glory is in thy hand, O mighty God. Who can deliver but thee? Who shall say, I will save these people. I will send them away and then shall they return to me? Thou art God Almighty; no one shall have this honour but thee. Thou art righteous and holy. Thou art forever magnified before us. Honour must come by thy hand. Glory must come by thy hand. Power and strength must come by thy hand. O LORD, how great is our God? Thou art the greatest! Thou art infinitely great and thy power is magnified forever. This truth is very high; on the wings of eagles it flies. The heavens bow to thee. They honour thee. They remember thy blessed hand and that you are the One who sustains them and they give glory to the most High God. The people look up and praise thy holy name. The earth give up its glory. Thou art exceedingly rich and thy glory is magnified in the heavens and the earth. Thou art my God. This day, thou will be praised. Let glory stand tall, O LORD. Let righteousness beseech thee. Thou art RIGHTEOUSNESS. Everlasting is thy glory. I am thy servant who humble myself before thee. I bow my heart to thee, O God. Thou knowest the desires of my heart. Thou art my heavenly Father whose glory is very High. It is unlike any other; for thou art the only One esteemed in this glory. Let hope stand upon the rock. Let it stand on the King of Zion, the righteous and just King. O, lift up my God, all the inhabitants of Zion, the pride and joy of the LORD. O righteous God, I am in awe with all thy works. Be excellent before me. Let my heart delight forever in thy greatness. I look to thee, O LORD; for you have never fail me. Even from the beginning, thou art my God. Shall I not lift up thy glory on High? I shall do it and be glad. The joys of heaven shall not end; thou knowest this truth. Let Zion rejoice; for it is well with my God. In all the world let thy praises be magnified. Let the joys of thy salvation come through with thy beauty of holiness. Grant it LORD; for Zion’s sake let it be done. Then they shall turn and say, Who is the mighty One? Then shall my heart rejoice and with praises shall I stretch for my hand to the heavens and declare thy mighty name. The God of Israel shall rejoice. Let thy name be exalted forever, then shall I be glad and rejoice, exceedingly well. And say, it is well with my soul; for the LORD most High God is established forever in truth. Glory will lift up my God. All our praises shall dwell in hope. O Zion, remember this day when the LORD bow the heavens and come down with honour and glory and strength. Lift up the LORD; his mighty hand is upon me. The excellencies of my God is kept on High. Let thy name abound in glory, O LORD. Hear me, O faithful One, who delights my soul day and night. All my thoughts are upon thee. O how I look foward to lifting up thy glory. Let all that is excellent and marvelous beseech thee. Let thy glory be magnified. The LORD is magnified. The LORD is blessed in all the land. His name is the excellencies of our glory. We shall lift up his name forever and do it with joy. Yea, this shall be a testament to the glory of God. Forever shall it remain. I tell you the truth. The hand of God is upon me and I speak the word of the LORD. Let us rejoice in what is good and acceptable before our God. Let us delight in his mercies and lovingkindness. Let us speak of his judgments; they are true and righteous altogether. By his hand we stand and yet rejoice. We hope because the LORD has put it into our hearts. We glory in the name of the most High God. Yea, Zion is dear to our hearts. We bless Jerusalem and our thoughts are excellent for her. We rejoice with her and we weep with her. Our days are wonderful when Jerusalem is wonderful. When her gates are full of righteousness then shall we rejoice forever. The hope of our LORD is drawing near. Zion will have her glory. She will jump for joy forever. The LORD reigns forever! Blessed be the name of the LORD. Blessed be thy name, O God. Forever and ever, thy glory shall be magnified.


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