My blessed hope of Zion, my darling, let thy glory be magnified in the heavens. Let joy seep out of thy veins with gladness. Our hearts rejoice with joy for thee, O LORD. Thou art our Saviour, our hope. We are the beloved of thy right hand and thy righteousness. O LORD, my glory on High, my soul is made glad in thy exaltation. The saints know thy name and thy praises are tremendous in their hearts. Because of you we endure. In this day, O LORD, which thou have made, we stand in thy glory. The hope of the heavens is very High. Thou art the hope of the heavens. Great is thy glory. Above all the heavens thou art God. Thou art the most High. This truth thou have put in my heart. We magnify thy name in thy strength. In thy power we stand firm. Like a rock upon Zion we stand. Thou art our high tower and our rock. We look to thee; for if you are our God we shall endure. Beseech us, O LORD. Bring thy strength before us. Let wisdom, knowledge, and understanding be near us. Put them into our hearts. Let our souls rejoice in thy goodness and mercy. Thy hand is rich with glory. We seek thee and elevate thy praises. My darling, we adore you. Remember us in thy mercy, O God; favour us. Be generous; pour out your Spirit upon us. O Father, I lift up thy name in thanksgiving. Truly thou art my God. Let it be, O LORD, that your words and the testimony of it shall be magnified. O Father, my darling, my precious love, my heart is in awe with thee. Lay thy right hand upon me and let it be with me always that I shall bring forth glory before thee, in thy praises and thanksgiving, and magnify thy blessed name that the LORD my God shall forever rejoice. O heaven, the King of righteousness is our glory. Give glory to the most High God. Bow thy hearts before him; reverence him; worship him; magnify his name. The dwelling place of the LORD is rich with mercies and lovingkindness. Thou art exceedingly rich with blessings and honour and glory. Thou art magnified forever. Thou art esteemed above the highest heaven. Thy glory is established of old; it shall remain. The LORD is my God. Zion will hear the name of the LORD and rejoice. The hope that stand on the rock and established truth in all the land shall glory. By his hand were the riches of his mighty wonders made. Thou art the greatest. Thou art truly blessed my God. Let every man reverence thy name. Let honour come to the LORD on High. His name shall be lifted up on High forever.

The dwelling place of the LORD is rich with mercies and lovingkindness. The judgments of the LORD are true and righteous. Thou art worthy to be praised, O God of truth. The lifting up of thy name shall be forever. Thy name alone shall remain in the excellencies of our praises. And we shall be glad that thou art our God. Blessed be the name of the LORD.

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