Concerning thy testimonies, I have known of old that thou have founded them forever (Psalm 119:152).

LORD, thy hand is a mighty hand. The hope thou have established of old and thy words are faithful and true. All thy words stood up on High. Thy blessed hand bring forth truth and who can bring it down? Thou art everlasting truth. Thou art the One to whom I seek and desire. The LORD will not lie to me. Thy testimonies are true and righteous altogether. O Father, blessed be thy name on High. Thou art everlasting truth. Even honour is bestowed upon thee. Thou art crown with a robe of righteousness. All thy works shall remain. That which thou have established from the beginning shall cause thy heart to rejoice. Look at thy hand, O God, who can prevail against thee? I have seen thy beauty of holiness. Thou have caused my eyes to see the joys of thy hand. Thy faithfulness stood before me; I delight in thy goodness. Thou art the joy of my soul. The people benefit because of thy hand. Is there anything that thou cannot do? Thou can do all things. O Father, I offer up an abundance of thanksgiving to thee. Thou art truly the blessed hope. How many rejoice in thy compassion? How many endure in thy mercies? O LORD, they are too numerous to count. I will lift up thy name in Zion. Because thou have shown lovingkindness to thy people I will bless thee. Thy praises shall never cease. Truly, thou art my God. Thy praises shall be magnified forever. This truth I will hold dear to my heart. O Zion, lift up my beauty. Lift up the LORD our God. When I remember thy goodness I shall bless thee. O Father, my soul long for thee; thy hand is upon me. Let thy favour never cease, O God. Let thy glory abound forever. Thou art so good to me. All thy mercies and lovingkindness are excellent before me. O Father, exalt thyself in the highest; my soul desires it. Thou art my joy, O LORD. Thou knowest this truth. Thy name is marvelous in my eyes. Even my tears thou have made to fall with grace. Let my praises lift up thy name in Zion. In thy strength and in thy power and glory, I exalt thy name on High. The glory of the LORD is abundant and rich. In all the world the LORD is magnified forever. O heavens, thou that find favour with God, lift up his glory on High. Hold back not thy righteousness which the LORD has bestowed upon thee. With righteous hand he did ordained strength that thou still remain in glory. Look at thy beauty and bless the LORD. Give him praises; exalt him. O the glory of the LORD is magnified in the heavens. The beauty of holiness shall rejoice. The LORD is the beauty of holiness. Let Zion rejoice in this King. He is a mighty King. Crown him, O Zion; the LORD is our God. Deck him with glory; magnify his beauty. The LORD is with thee. O the joys of heaven is with thee. Let glory abound without ceasing for the most High God. Let it be tremendous and excessive. Let it be terrible in righteousness. Lift up the LORD on High, he that loveth his salvation; for the blessed hope of righteousness is our God. I speak the things that the LORD has made my heart to rejoice. When the dawn spring up with the joys of sunshine, the glory of the LORD blossoms with gladness. My heart delights in his faithfulness. This is a good God people. Praise his name; let glory abound before his throne. In righteousness, let it abound. For I have seen the heart of my God; his faithfulness is very High. I am glad; for when I call on this God he helps me. He is truly my darling whom I shall love forever. I pray that you too shall adore him and lift him up on High, forever and ever. Amen.


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