This is the day which the LORD has made; we will rejoice and be glad in it (Psalm 118:24).

We will sing praises and offer up the joys of our hearts. We will magnify the LORD. The blessed hand of our souls is the LORD; we will remember that and give him glory. It shall come flowing like many rivers. The LORD my God will rejoice today. As the heavens are high so is the goodness of God before us. All his riches we have seen and endured his righteousness. We stand in the glory of the blessed hope. We lift up the King of Zion. This great and mighty God shall rejoice. My LORD, the treasures of my soul, the joy upon the hill, the rock of ages, be abundantly bless. Let the joys of our souls be a testimony to the goodness of thy hand. O magnify the LORD with me, children of righteousness. The LORD my God in his goodness and mercy did shew us a better ways. He has taken away our sins and all the desolation that was before us. And he has paved a way of joy and causes our hearts to sing songs of gladness. This God on High is a glorious God. All our hopes are in his hand. He has stirred up a good thing in us. The LORD my God is a blessed soul. I will lift up the LORD in the day and in the night. Glory will be glory. Glory is the LORD my God. This day, O LORD, which thou have given us shall be lifted up in thy glory. Thy name shall be the name of rejoicing. My God, let it be written that the LORD God Almighty is forever blessed. Let all that I have said beseech thee with gladness. O the glory of God is marvelous. My Father of righteousness and truth, I lay thy treasures, O God, and magnify thy glory. Thy hope I have put on high. Thy glory is before the sons of men. My God, let it be that your hand shall bless the saints. Today O LORD I pray, in thy name that is wonderful and blessed, remembering thy goodness and lovingkindness, that you will be our God forever. Let the hope of righteousness stand tall before us. Like a high tower let us look to the glory of the most High. O LORD, I stretch forth my hands with praises. Be delighted my God. In thy name we rejoice. In thy name we live to praise thee. This day, O LORD, remember it, that we rejoice in thy blessed hand. Thou art the mighty God; we give up all our glory to thee for we know that you are the great and mighty God. Amen and Amen.

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