My God is great; let his glory be magnified and let it not cease. Let all that liveth praise the LORD. His blessed name on High shall glory. All his hope of righteousness is excellent before us. We strive in the goodness of God. We prosper in his glory. By his hand we delight and give praises unto his honour. Praise his blessed name. Lift up his honour and glory. Let the LORD be magnified forever. Let all that is spoken of the LORD be the joys of our salvation. The LORD is glad. Truly I say to you, the heights and the depths shall praise the LORD. Yea, the glory of our salvation shall be magnified. Lift up the God on High; his name is blessed forever! Let his glory be exalted. In his midst, let them be abundantly praise. Let Israel come forth and rejoice in the LORD, the LORD that freed them out of bondage, the LORD that brought plagues to the land of Egypt and lift up his power and strength before them. The glory of the LORD shineth like a bright light before them. They rejoiced in his saving strength. Let the LORD of hosts be praised. Magnify his name Israel. The LORD is good to you. O how he loves you and adore you. He watches over you with tender care. You are the apple of his eyes. You are his pride and joy. He has chosen Zion for his dwelling place. He shall find rest in her. The delights of Zion shall bring joy to his soul. The glory of the LORD is magnified. The glory of the LORD shall abound in her. Lift up the LORD with me; for I am Israel, chosen before the foundation of the world. Let the rejoicing of the LORD come forth with living water. Let it be like the well that never runs dry. The fountain of youth is our LORD. We hope in this God and he giveth us life. We shall live forever Israel. We shall rejoice in the blessed hand of the LORD. Let glory come but let it come by the hand of Almighty God, then shall it be well with us and shall abide in truth. The LORD on High is my God. The joy of salvation is my glory. The LORD is my salvation. He is my glory. My hope is in his hand. I tell you the truth: the God on High shall rejoice. Let glory be magnified; let his name be praised forever.

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