Be still, and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the heathen; I will exalt in the earth (Psalm 46:10).

O precious LORD, the great and mighty JEHOVAH, thou alone art God. Thou art magnificent in all thy ways. Thou art magnified in glory. All the heavens and earth acknowledge thy greatness. Thy power and glory are made known to all the world. JEHOVAH, the great and mighty God shall prosper. He shall prevail. Like the eagles, he shall rise above them all. Yea, I tell you the truth: the glory of the LORD shall be extol without limits; it shall be exceedingly High. Lift up the LORD my God. He shall remain in glory, and be magnified forever. This truth is established of old. Know you not the ways of my God? Who shall stand in his way? Liberty must come by the hand of the righteous God. Who is righteous but the great God of Israel? Did not this righteous God established his ways of old? Israel shall rejoice. Zion shall jump for joy. O children of the living God, rejoice! Rejoice, for the LORD God Almighty is our God. Our ways are established of old, ordained by the great King who shall rule the world forever. We are the apple of his eyes. We are the meek and the humble. We are the peacemakers. We stand in the righteousness of our Christ and our God. We proclaim truth and declare things that are right. We honour God; we obey him. We reverence him and we glorify his name. We lift up his glory. In all the land we exalt his name without shame. We are bold to praise the LORD our God. The heavens declare the righteousness and the glory of God and who shall bring it down? The LORD is exceedingly well before our eyes. The truth of this God shall not be hidden. Wicked men have come of old and try to distort the truth. They have even try to hide the word of God from his people. But the chosen children of God stand in the light and the glory of God. Truth will come by the hand of Almighty God before them. Zion, the LORD your God is with me. The things of old shall not be hidden. The word of God shall be made known. And all the riches and the glory of his blessed hand shall come forth with glory. Behold glory, the great and mighty God. Behold everlasting truth. Behold the great One. Behold the Holy One of Israel. Behold the God who has ordained truth as it was in the beginning and it shall remain. The failure of wicked men shall come to pass. I have spoken this truth of the living God and it shall remain. Let the glory of God be made known to the chosen. Let the children of light shine brightly in the midst of darkness. The LORD who is High above all shall come and his glory shall be made known to all the world. Rejoice, you that love the LORD rejoice; for the kingdom of God is at hand.

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