O great God in the heavens, who dwells in hope and whose glory is exceedingly well, my darling, my great King, let the joys of all the earth beseech you. Let thy dwelling place be magnified with glory. Let the riches of thy salvation be evident in thy midst. Glory is thy name, O LORD. Joyful and precious is the God on High. Truth is in thy hand. In thy bosom is comfort. Thy light shineth brightly. Forever thy name shall be praised. Glory, O glory, let it come to my God. The joys of heaven is the LORD’S. Beauty of holiness, my precious darling, my first love, let thy name be blessed forever. Let every living thing lift up thy glory. The hope of all the world rest on thy shoulders. Thou art strong. Thou art the deliverer of the hopeless. The crocked and the brutish, the liar and the thief, thou can redeem from damnation. Thou art worthy. Only thy name shall all cling to for hope. Thy lovingkindness and thy mercies are excellent in all the land. Thou art the beauty of perfection, my darling. Zion rejoices with thy hope. Thy name is exalted above all others. Power and glory is in thy hand. O LORD my God, how excellent in thy name before me? O LORD our Lord, how excellent is thy name in all the earth! who have set thy glory above the heavens. Let glory come and let it abide in thy midst forever: then the joys of my soul shall rejoice in the exaltation of thy praises. Yea, and the gladness of my heart shall blossom with joy. The LORD is my God. Blessed be the name of the LORD.

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