LORD, who is excellent but thee? Thou art righteous and Holy and exceedingly great. Thou art marvelous before my eyes. Thou art rich with hope and thy blessed hand brings joy to my soul. Thou have established thy ways in righteousness. Truth encroached all thy works. They remain, even until this day. Thou art truly the great and mighty God. Thou art the joys of the heavens and the lifting up of the lowly and the weak. Thou art kind: thy tender love makes my soul jump for joy. Thy beauty blossoms with the joys of thy perfection. Thou art truly marvelous before my eyes. O sing and lift up the glory of God. All that liveth, lift up the LORD and praise him. Extol his name with gladness. Be excessive in lifting up his glory. The blessed hand of God has done greatly before us. O how excellent is his hand? It delights my soul. The right hand of God is a strong hand; who can stand in the way of his glory? The glory of God is magnified forever. Yea, I tell you the truth. The majestic hand of God is full of praises. Let the world hear the voice of his servant: glory is the LORD my God.

O LORD, who is like unto thee? Thou art the perfection of glory. All thy beauty excel with joy. Honour and truth cloak thee. Thy blessed soul has lift up hill and make them high and thou maketh valleys low. How strong are the mountains which thou have created, can anyone do thy works? Thy hand is the bless hand: all hope is in thy bossom. Glory cometh from thee. Who can move the rock of Zion; can a man even try? O my darling, thou art mighty and great. Look at the seas, how vast are thy ways and the joys of thy water? Thou art God Almighty. Truly thy hand shall be lifted up on High. Thy praises shall be magnified forever. The LORD is magnified. Let glory abound before me. Let the riches of his hope encroach me. O precious LORD, my first love, let thy ways prevail. Thou art marvelous before my eyes, O LORD. Thou art my beauty. Thou art fairer than all. Thou have established thy ways in righteousness. Lovingkindness and mercy thou did keep in thy heart. Thy hand is full of honour. Thou art LORD God Almighty. The heavens rejoice in thy name. The earth sing songs and praises in thy excellencies. The saints lift up their hands and offer praises: they bless thy name. Thou art worthy to be praised. Let my soul rejoice in thy hand, O God. Bring before your people the joys of thy salvation. Let thy greatness be displayed for all to see. Thy greatness is everywhere. Let them declare thy mighty hand. The LORD most High and wonderful is mighty. He is the LORD my God. O heavens, let the glory of the LORD my God abound. Sing praises and rejoice in his name. O earth, lift up the LORD and honour him. Let his praises be excellent before you. Let his dwelling place on High be filled with gladness. The goodness of God is with us. Those who love him and adore him shall bless him and praise his name. They shall honour him and reverence him with all their heart. They shall surrender and bow their hearts to his greatness. The LORD is great and mighty. O Zion, hear me: lift up the glory of God. Let his name be excellent in all the land. Let his praises be magnified without ceasing. The LORD God Almighty is everlasting unto everlasting glory. All his hope is rich and fruitful. His hand is a blessed hand. Let the glory of the LORD abound. Let our hearts lift up the glory of God. O beloved of righteousness, let us praise the LORD in the highest. Let glory abound before him. Let his joy be exceedingly well. The LORD Almighty shall rejoice. Today I sing a solemn song of gladness; the LORD is blessed forever. The joys of my soul shall lift up his honour and glory. The LORD most High and wonderful, the everlasting God, shall indeed be blessed forever. Yea, his name is kept on High above all names. This is established forever and ever. Amen.

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