Let all those that seek thee rejoice and be glad in thee: let such as love thy salvation say continually, The LORD be magnified (Psalm 40:16).

LORD, my ways are crocked; guide me in your path. Let your ways be my ways. Lead me, O LORD, to the gates of righteousness. I surrender my heart to you; it is bowed down low unto the ground; all things are in your hand. Speak to me, O LORD, your servant is listening. Let your voice come through clearly to me as the rising of the sun in the morning dawn. Let my ears be attentive to your guidance and to your cause. Let thy truth be exceedingly magnified before me. Thou knowest the day and the hour. Thou knowest what shall come and what shall go. Thou knowest what shall be destroyed and what shall remain. Make haste, O LORD: I am thy servant. Thou art the great and mighty God. Show us thy favour. Make us to know thy saving hand and thy strength. Go before us, O God. Make our path a path of safety. Lead us, O LORD, to higher ground. And let us take rest in thy hand. Let thy bosom comfort us. Thou art my God forever. I stand, O LORD God, in this truth. Thou art my glory and my righteousness. Thou art my light that shineth forever. Thou art my blessed hope that bring gladness to my soul. I stand, O LORD God, in this truth. The God on High shall be exalted. Forever shall his name remain. The greatness of the LORD is before us. And the lovingkindness of his heart is in the heavens. Because thou attend to our cause that seek thee and desire thee, thy glory shall be lifted up on High. Thy name shall be the name of eternal glory. All shall hear of thee and rejoice. Yea, Salvation has come to the earth. Thy blessed hand is lifted up on High. Thy name shall remain. And the glory of thy righteousness shall be magnified. The fruits of thy hand shall lift up thy name on High. Yea, they shall sing songs of praises and exalt thy name. Glory is the LORD. He is my everlasting God. The LORD is blessed all the days that he liveth. The LORD liveth forever. Truly the hand of God is exalted on High. His glory is magnified for all eternity. The LORD is God forever. Almighty is his name. The heavens rejoice in his name. The earth sing songs of praises. They lift up his glory and magnify his truth. They remember the LORD and the blessed hand that created them.

All his judgments are true before the saints. O how they adore him. They lift up his glory on High and magnify his name with the joys of his salvation. The LORD rejoices. His heart is made glad. All his riches are excellent in glory. All his hope is blessed in righteousness. Holy is his name forever. The LORD my God is Holy. In his beauty of perfection, his excellencies and his glory are magnified in this truth. The LORD is my God; I rejoice in the exaltation of his blessed name. The glory of the LORD is extol with the perfection of his hand. This truth is lifted up on High. The name RIGHTEOUSNESS shall remain forever. And the rejoicing of the LORD shall never cease. We shall sing a great song before the LORD. Yea, we shall lift up the glory of God and magnify his beauty for ever. All his joy shall come full. The heart of my God shall delight. It shall delight with the blessed hope of his righteousness. The LORD be magnified. Yea, the hand of our blessed hope shall be exalted.

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