The LORD will give strength unto his people; the LORD will bless his people with peace (Psalm 29:11).

How many of you have peace today, which my God talks about? How many of you rise up in the morning with the joys of the blessed hope? How many of you can joyfully and sincerely say, thank you LORD for the joy and the peace of thy salvation? For we have been seeing repeatedly the ways of evil, the ways of this world. Violence is everywhere. Men do evil because they think they must; it is their character. They will not feel good unless it is done. Violence is everywhere and this is just the beginning of sorrows. The birth pain has just began. Who will endure to the end until my God delivers us from this wicked world? We are seeing wars and keep hearing about them. Everywhere is war and rumors of wars. But Christ is my darling, my hope and my righteousness. He is the God Almighty to whom I look for comfort and to guide my path. For without Christ  who can stand in victory? Who can hope in this hopeless world where desolation has become the norm? But glory is the LORD my God. He is the light that shineth before me. He is the One to whom I look to. He is the God that never fails me. Look to the LORD. Look to Christ. In him you shall find hope. In him you shall find peace. In him you shall find life. All that shall become of this world will become. But let us not take our eyes away from our God. Let us look to him; for upon Zion I see glory. I see my God, the strength of my salvation and hope. The LORD is with us. The glory of the LORD shall abide. Truth shall rise up on the wings of eagles. It shall abide forever. RIGHTEOUSNESS shall rise up in glory. The LORD shall dwell on High. His dwelling place shall glory. The hope of our LORD and his blessed hand shall bring forth fruits. Eat, O faithful children of Almighty God. Eat the word of the LORD and live. Eat and be merry in what is truth; for truth shall set you free. Let us lift up our God in the midst of this strange land. Let us magnify his name; for he is our LORD and our God. Hope shall come before us. Truth shall stretch  forth his hands. RIGHTEOUSNESS shall show us mercy. RIGHTEOUSNESS is my God. The ways of the LORD shall delight our souls. What a hope we have  as children of God. What a peace we shall endure because of his mercy and grace.

O LORD my God, I give thanks to thee, O LORD God. I lift up thy glory on High. I bless you, my God.  Thou knowest how much my soul desires to lift up thy glory. Let it be established forever that thou art everlasting God. Thou art the glory on High. Thou art my God; great is thy hand. Thy right hand is a strong hand. Let your wisdom guide us, O LORD, into all truths. You are the Alpha and the Omega. Because you knoweth the beginning and the end, teach me your ways. Guide my path. Let righteousness prevail. Let the lovingkindness of my God be excellent before me. O glory, O glory,  the LORD on High is glory. I bless you Father; thou have been so good to me. Let the exaltation of my God be magnified in all the land. Let the heavens rejoice in his name. O great and mighty God, let thy glory be magnified forever; then shall I be glad and my rejoicing shall be sweet.

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