O mighty God, save us from this wicked world. Come quickly my God and save us from desolation. O LORD, my glory and my hope, help us to overcome the anguish of war. Console the hearts of your people. O LORD, all the little children, take away their fear. Give them hope; let your peace rest upon them. How many must die? How many must suffer the atrocities of evil? I look to thee, O God. I look for my hope and for my bright shining star. I know all things are in your hands. But hear me, O God; let not the corrupt prevail. Open the eyes of those who do not see but desire to do good. And shut the eyes of those who endeavor to do corruption. Bring confusion among them and let them not prevail. Thou did open the eyes of the blind and they see. Thou did forgive the sins of those who seek thee in truth. But those who say they see and are wise to do evil prevent them from having their way. Let the little children rejoice. Let glory come to your people. Thy goodness is excellent before us. Thou will not turn away from our hope and our righteousness. As the heavens are high, thou art higher. As the mountains are strong, thou art stronger. And who is wise like thee, my God? Thou art wiser than all. Let hope come and let it not go away. The glory of God is upon this land. Thou art still the God of this strange land. Let not your people live in the fear of evil men. But let them fear my God. Thy goodness is excellent before us. O LORD my God, thy servant treasures thy blessed hand. If it is thy will, O God, let it be for thy glory and honour. In Jesus name. Amen.


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