O Father, my gracious God on High, my blessed hope in Zion, my everlasting glory and my righteousness, my darling, my first love, the joy of the heavens and the earth, the God of Abraham, the Holy One of Israel, my God the LORD, to you glory and power and strength. To the most High God, I exalt without measure. Thy name, O LORD God, is excellent before me. O LORD, the blessed God, let thy glory be magnified in all the land. Let the heavens lift up thy name. Let it be a joyful testimony, an everlasting exaltation in thy name. The goodness of God is everywhere. The blessed hope of righteousness, my LORD and my God, shall be exalted in the heavens and the earth. O great is the God that carries me. Great is the right hand of God that anointed me and established my ways of old, even before the foundation of the world. His rejoicing shall not end. Because the LORD sheweth mercy and his compassion is renewed daily before me, the marvelous hand of God shall be praised. This day shall be a testimony to the goodness of God. My darling, come forth, O LORD, and receive your crown of glory and honour. Let thy servant cloak you with the joys of thy salvation. Let us adore you, my love. Let power and glory be magnified before you. O precious LORD who is blessed for all eternity, glorify thyself. Restraint not thyself today, but lift up thy honour and glory. Let my blessings be exceedingly well upon you, rich with a magnitude of thy blessed hope, and the joys of thy mercy and grace. Let my love for you encroach you and adore you in thy righteousness; for thy name’s sake, let my God rejoice. The hand of God that delights my soul shall rejoice. O rivers of living water, rejoice in the righteousness and goodness of God. Rejoice in his mercy and grace. Rejoice in his salvation and the joys of the everlasting kingdom of God. Bless the LORD, O my soul and all that is within me. Let glory come before his throne. Let the lifting up of his name be an everlasting testimony. His dwelling place on High shall glory. The hope of all the world and the light of the living, so rich in mercy and lovingkindness, shall be praised forever. The LORD who is wise and full of understanding, whose knowledge cannot be contained, whose blessings cannot be restricted, whose joys shall be magnified forever, shall reign supreme in the land of the living. In the land of the meek, who because of humility humbled themselves before God and delight his soul, and honour him and please him, shall bring glory to the LORD. His hope shall not be in vain. His truth shall stand strong on the rock. The glory of God is magnified forever. The LORD is God and him alone shall reign forever with supremacy. Yea, the LORD on High is exalted forever. Blessed be the name of the LORD. And again I say, blessed be the name of the LORD who is excellent in all his ways.


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