O LORD my God, because of thy hand I stand strong. In thy strength there is hope. Thou, O LORD, have stirred up a good thing within me. My soul praise the LORD. My joy comes with the lifting up of thy glory. Let an abundance of praises magnify the LORD. Let all that love the LORD rejoice. O the goodness and lovingkindness of the LORD are wonderful. The glory of the LORD is esteemed in excellencies. The lifting up of the glory of the LORD is a joy to the righteous. The saints delight in his riches. O LORD my God, how excellent are thy ways before me? Let glory abound with thee. Thou art righteous and holy. Thou art the most High. Lift up your glory before me. Make known to thy servant the beauty of thy holiness. Thou art everlasting glory. Thou art the beauty of all the land. Thy glory is magnified in this truth. O LORD my God, how excellent is thy glory? Thy glory reaches the lowest depth; it is magnified above the highest heaven. Thou art LORD. Thou art my God forever. Thy praises shall come forth with the joys of ten thousand rivers. All the stars shine brightly at night with thy praises. The moon also give out its glory at night. In the morning dawn, who shall lift up the rising of the sun? Thou art God Almighty, predestined in glory. The hope of all things are in thy hands. Thou art wonderful and marvelous. The delights of the LORD are many. Thou art the delights of all things, heaven and earth. O LORD my God, my glory, magnify thyself, O LORD. Let thy glory jump for joy. The LORD God Almighty is my God. He maketh my way to prosper. He bringeth me joy in the morning. And in the night he will not leave me. My strength is in his hand. O LORD God Almighty, thou art forever my God. Thou art my glory. Even before the beginning of the world, thou art my glory. Thou knowest all the days of my life. Thou have ordained me by thy right hand. Thy glory delights my soul. I rejoice because you rejoice. I am made glad in thy gladness. I hope because you have bring it before me. I glory in your glory. My God, my God, all thy ways delight my soul. Thy glory shall be lifted up on High. The LORD prospers in all his ways. O, I have seen the prosperity of God. I have seen beauty rise up on High. The hand of God is a mighty hand. O LORD my God, my glory, let thy rejoicing, O LORD, never cease. Let thy glory come forth with the joys of heaven. Thou art my God. This day thy praises shall be magnified. I lift up thy glory and bless thee in all thy righteousness. Thou art my glory. Thou art my joy forever. From everlasting unto everlasting, thou, O LORD, liveth. Amen.

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