Father of righteousness and truth, my God, I give thanks to thee, my LORD. Thy faithfulness thou have shown me and thy lovingkindness magnified thy glory. Hope stood upon the wings of eagles. The delights of my God are many. O LORD God, thou art forever great in my eyes. Thou have comforted me and help me. The glory of the LORD is magnified. O Father, how I love you, and look for thy faithfulness. I have grown accustomed to the pleasures of thy hand. Thy perfection delights my soul. The joys of heaven are truly in thy hand. Thou art so wise in all your ways. How excellent is my God before me? Let thy name be blessed in all the land. Amen. The glory of the LORD is magnified forever. Hope comes to me; thou always make thy beauty known to thy servant. An abundance of favour follow me; thou art so generous towards me. I rejoice by thy hand, knowing fully well the hope of righteousness and truth. Glory stood up on High, O God. How many delight in thy goodness? Thy lovingkindness is very high. Thou art excellent in all thy ways. O LORD my God, my glory, glorify thyself on High. Thou art everlasting God. Thou art the hope of righteousness. I lift up thy glory. I look to thee, O LORD, my most High and wonderful God. I praise thy name and bless thee. The goodness of the LORD is always with me. Thou always show me the tender love of thy heart. You perfection delights my soul. How can a man fail if God is at his right hand? How can he not glory if the LORD will not leave his sight? O LORD my God, how excellent is your ways before me? The joys of heaven is with me. I am made glad in thy favour. Righteousness stood upon Zion with joy. I see everlasting joy. I see beauty. I see my God. O great and mighty God, my joy and my salvation, let thy glory abound, O LORD. Let joy beseech thee, O God. Let it be a multitude, so vast in glory. The delights of my God are many. The LORD is the hope of righteousness. O hope of righteousness and everlasting glory, my blessed hope on High, thou art forever blessed; thou art forever exalted. Let thy excellencies be a crown of honour upon you. O God, let my love beseech you. Let all the desires of my heart and soul comfort you. My desires are to lift up thy glory and to love you with all my heart and soul and mind. My desires are to please you in all your righteousness. Let thy name, O LORD, rejoice before me. Let my God be magnified forever. Truly thou art the hand that saved me; thou art my God. Thou art my hope of righteousness and truth. Thou art glory, everlasting unto everlasting glory. I shall hold on to thee forever and not let go. I will follow thee. To the ends of the earth shall thy glory be magnified. The hope of righteousness is my God. O what a mighty God that is before me. Truly my ways shall prosper. Who shall deny the LORD his glory? Who shall deny the LORD his hope? Who shall say that thy right hand shall not rise in glory? Thou art my God. Behold the everlasting God, most High and wonderful God. Behold glory, O what a mighty glory to behold. The LORD most High, full of honour and glory and power and strength is my God. Blessed be his name.

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