LORD, thy hope come before me like the breeze that bringeth joy. Truth come for thy honour and for thy glory. You delight my soul so dearly and the lifting up of thy glory gives me joy. Let thy name be blessed forever and ever. Amen.

Let us praise the LORD and bless his soul forever. In all the land lift up my God. Lift up my Christ. Lift up my glory. Lift up the hope of righteousness and truth. Lift him up high and exalt him above all others. The LORD is our God. He is the true and living God. It is him who delivered us from bondage. He has taken us from dry land and put us into a new place and quench our thirst with water that shall be a well of living water, the everlasting life of our God. Truth stood up before us. We eat; it nourishes our soul. We delight in the goodness of God. We treasure his glory. Hope stood up before us like a rock that cannot be moved. And like a high tower we stand strong. The LORD is our God. Make a way for my King. Make a way for my glory. Make a way for my hope. Make a way for my joy. Stand up; stretch forth thy hands and praise the LORD. The glory of the LORD is excellent before us. O beauty, my darling, rejoice. Rejoice my God, rejoice. Let thy bosom be filled with gladness. Stretch forth thy hand before us, O God. Thou art our God. Thou art our hope. We cling to you, O LORD. We honour you. We glorify thy name. We exalt thee in thy righteousness. Thou art our God. O LORD, rejoice in thy excellencies. All thy riches are in thy midst. Thou art the hope of righteousness and truth. Thy light shineth upon Zion. Eternal lift is in thy hand. Lovingkindness seep out of thy heart. Thy soul desires the goodness of all men. O LORD my God, how excellent are your ways before us? Thou art the excellencies of all excellencies. The perfection of glory is the LORD. LORD God Almighty, the great I AM THAT I AM, magnify thyself. Thou art the most excellent joy before us. Thou art our love, our first love. O lift up the glory of my God. Children of righteousness and truth, lift up the most High God. Bring before him all thy thanksgiving. Say to the LORD, O precious LORD, how sweet is the LORD our God? Sweeter than honeycomb and the nectar of the flower. The joy of all joys is our God. How delightful is his soul. The joys of heaven are saturated with the beauty of holiness. They overflow with gladness. O precious LORD my God, my heart rejoices in thy joy. All my sorrows thou have removed. I stand in the presence of thy glory. O LORD my God, this day thy glory shall be lifted up on High. Truth swell up, O God, in thy righteousness. Thy glory is on the mountain top; it reaches the heavens. Thou art truly marvelous in my sight. My tears of joy flow like ten thousand rivers. Truly thou art the blessed hope and everlasting glory. Thou art my God forever. This day thy servant rejoices. Let thy name be blessed, O LORD. Let it be a testament to thy glory; then shall I jump for joy and my heart shall sing forever and ever. Amen.

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