O mighty God, thou have lifted up the billows from the afflicted, and sheweth mercy. Thou have caused the unjust to rejoice in thy justice. Thy hand did fight for the poor and needy. Thou did not leave them in the hands of their enemies. O LORD my God, out of the goodness of thy heart thou delivered them and put them in a place of prosperity. They flourished with thy goodness. And thy lovingkindness, how excellent are they before them? Thou art LORD God Almighty, Creator of all things heaven and earth. Thou art my God, everlasting unto everlasting glory. Thou art the hope of righteousness. O LORD, you have freed my soul from the depths of hell; establish my ways before you. Attend to my cause and the sorrows of my heart. Many are my thoughts and my soul is disquiet within me. But thou, O LORD, giveth peace. Thy mouth speaketh truth. Thy words shall not go unnoticed. The hand of God is a blessed hand. Make haste to come and lift up your glory. Evil men desire to trample on thy glory. They say, We are wise in wickedness and our ways shall prevail. But thou art God Almighty. Make them to know that they are men who know not the days to come and the lifting up of thy glory. Thy glory is magnified in truth. Forever shall thy hand be praised. Thou art everlasting glory. Everywhere is thy greatness. O LORD, who is like unto thee? Who can take thy greatness? Or who can trample on thy glory and prevail? Vain men have come who know not my God. Thou art my God. I know thy hand. I have seen thy ways. My confidence is in thy mighty hand. O LORD, lift up thy glory before me. Lift it up high, my God. Nullify the works of the wicked. Let the glory of my God be magnified in all the land. Everywhere is thy glory. Even in the midst of the heathen the LORD will be glorify. O LORD, I thank thee for thy mercies and grace towards the afflicted. I thank thee for thy healing hand. Thou have made glad the hearts of many. O LORD, glorify thyself. Lift up thy honour, O LORD. Thou liveth forever. My God, my God, cloak thyself with honour. Let joy seep into thy bosom. O LORD, let thy glory abound. Lift it up on High, my God. Thou art the hand who have laid down the foundation of Zion. Is there any who shall move it? The fools rejoice; for they know not my God. They rejoice; for they have no knowledge. Understanding is far from them. Their glory will end; it shall go down into the pit. But the glory of the LORD will remain forever. The wisdom of God is unlike man’s. Who giveth God understanding ? Who teach him the things he knows? By his own wisdom he created the earth. By his understanding he did established the heavens. In his strength he lifted up his glory on High. The LORD is God forever. Mighty is the name of my God. Mighty is the name of the most High God. I have seen his ways; they are established in truth. This truth shall not go away. It shall abound for all eternity. Yea, the rejoicing of my God is established forever. Amen. Blessed be the name of the LORD. Blessed by my God who liveth forever. Amen. Blessed be the everlasting glory who fails me not. Amen and Amen. The LORD is my God. Truly I am in his right hand. I will put my trust in him.

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