LORD God, who giveth me the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of truth, lift up your glory; glorify yourself. Let the God of heaven be exalted. Because the LORD lifted me up from the dust and maketh my soul to rejoice, his name shall be praised. His glory shall abound and his greatness shall be magnified. It shall be a joy before me and the rejoicing of my soul. Let his glory be magnified without measure. O blessed hope of all the land, let thy glory abound bountifully. Let all thy beauty come forth with rejoicing; it is established for all ages. Every generation shall look to the LORD and delight in his greatness. In all the earth the power and the glory of God shall abound. This land shall praise the LORD and all that is within thee shall magnify his glory. His name is exalted on High. O lift up the LORD my God. Lift up the great and mighty king. Lift up the everlasting God, the blessed hope of Zion. Make haste to do it. For righteousness’ sake do it. Lift up the LORD on High. Bring before him the joys of thy salvation and praise his blessed name. The beauty of holiness is our God. LORD of everlasting glory, as the mighty wind come rushing in, make haste to receive your blessings. Make haste to come forth and rejoice. Stretch forth thy hands, O God, for thou art the everlasting God. Thou art the Almighty God whose dwelling place shall rejoice. Thou art whom we live to praise. We worship you and honour you. We bless you, O LORD God of righteousness. All thy goodness we shall make known in the land. We bring forth the ways of our God, who sheweth mercy and compassion. His lovingkindness and his righteousness we have laid before the sons of men. Even thy judgments we did not withheld from them. Thy judgments are excellent before us. O LORD my God, magnify thyself. Thou art glory. Thou art the bright and morning star. Thou art the hope of all the land, the light upon Zion. Thou art brighter than the sun. Ten thousand stars cannot compare to thy glory. Thou giveth the stars its glory. Behold the giver of glory, the LORD God Almighty. Behold the God who giveth an everlasting glory to his beloved. Those who lift up righteousness shall be honored. Before the foundation of the earth the glory of the LORD is magnified forever. Without the LORD there is no glory. What shall glory if the LORD did not ordained it? What shall rejoice if the LORD did not take away its sorrows? What shall rise up if the LORD did not take away its burden? Who shall live in hope if it was not ordained before the foundation of the earth? Who shall say, the salvation of the LORD is my joy, lest the LORD desires it? The glory of man is but vanity. If God giveth glory then shall it last. If God giveth hope then shall hope be hopeful. If God giveth salvation then shall man be freed from the depths of hell. Only the LORD shall bring forth liberty and declare things that are right. The Almighty God shall be exalted. All is vanity, and withered away. Who can sustain himself, even for one day? But the everlasting glory of God will sustain the righteous man forever. I will praise the LORD who is excellent in all his ways. Yea, I will rejoice in the excellencies of my God. My soul shall jump for joy in all that is God’s. I will let beauty be beautiful before me. O LORD God, my soul rejoices in thee. Thou art truly my God. My eyes have seen the joys of heaven; let my soul rejoice. My soul feast in the goodness of God; let my God be praised. The mighty glory, the LORD God of all things heaven and earth shall be praised. In all the land, the holy One of Israel shall be praised. This I say with boldness, even unto death his name shall be praised. The LORD on High is exalted. Glory will be glory. Glory is the LORD my God. Who can deny the LORD his glory; is there such a man? It is established of old that the kingdom of God is an everlasting kingdom. To God be glory forever and ever. Amen. To the hope of Zion that lift up the poor and lowly. Amen. To the LORD who have blessed me in all his righteousness. Amen. To the Almighty God that giveth me his Holy Spirit that speaks the things of Christ. Amen. To the God who is magnified forever, who delights my soul. Amen. To all my praises that pleases my God the LORD. Amen. To the LORD my God who have caused me to be in awe with his greatness. Amen. To the great deliverer, my Saviour and my salvation. Amen. Amen to the everlasting glory of God. To the rock, my Christ, that shall stand firm forever. Amen. To Almighty God, the everlasting God. Amen. To all the saints who tarry, who endure for the sake of Christ. Amen. To all that dwell in hope, because our God lives forever we also shall live forever. Amen. Amen. Amen. The glory of God is established of old: it is well; it is well; it is well with my God. Amen. Praise the LORD. Amen.

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