Thou art my God and I will praise thee: thou art my God; I will exalt thee (Psalm 118:28).

Thou have made known thy glory before me. Thou did not hide it. Mercies have come by thy hand. And how many grace thou have given me? O LORD, because thou favour me I praise thee. I lift up thy glory on High and it shall not come down. I say things that are right before thee and bring forth the excellencies of my God. I delight his soul and make glad his heart. Before his throne there is joy, an abundance of it. It is riched with jubilation and the goodness of the LORD. O LORD my God, thy hand shall be exalted on High. Thou, O LORD, shall glory. I shall bring forth treasures before thee, acceptable in thy sight. The dwelling place of the LORD shall dwell in hope. The righteous shall rejoice; for the LORD is our God.

LORD, I will lift up thy glory daily; for thou have made me to rejoice in thy salvation. Thou have created me with gladness. Thou beseech me with the joys of heaven. Prosperity follow me; honour follows me; truth will not leave me alone. The LORD, most High and wonderful is my God. Thy name, O LORD, is exalted. Because thou have made me to cleave to thee and follow after thy truth, I will lift up the glory of Zion. It shall be known in all the world that thou art the greatest God in all the land. Truth cometh from the LORD; it is established forever. Thou art truly my God. Thou art the blessed hope. I will cling to thee for all my hope; for I shall not hope in vain. Even before the sons of men thou have made thyself known and sheweth thy glory. So excellent is the presence of the LORD. He bringeth joy, comfort, and his faithfulness is magnified before me. The glory of the LORD is lifted up on High. Zion heard of thee and jumped for joy. The LORD will beautify Israel; for she is dear to his heart. He will restore her hope and magnify her glory. The lovingkindness of the LORD will not leave her. He will hold her hand and guide her path to the gates of righteousness. His mercy endureth forever. The LORD remembers the promise he made with their fathers. For righteousness’ sake he will do it. He will bring forth so great a joy in the land. He shall lay his riches upon her and deck her with his glory. He shall not hide his love for her. Prosperity shall be all over her. Israel shall rejoice with gladness. They shall say, It is well with us because the LORD is our God. We will put our trust in the LORD. We will wait on him; for we have seen his ways: they are excellent before us. We will lift up the LORD on High; we will magnify his glory together. Yea, we will stand in this truth and bless the LORD. For righteousness’ sake, we will do it.

Father, I give thanks to thy name and glory to the living God. I joyfully lift up thy name in Zion. I beautify the LORD on High. His blessed hope is magnified in truth. Let glory beseech you forever, my God. And let us lift up thy glory forever and ever. Amen.

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