LORD, let my praises come forth as light. Let it be a brightness before thee and lift up thy glory. Let my glory be a testament to thy glory. I am thy servant of old; it is established forever, even before the foundation of the earth. The lifting up of my God must come by my hand. It is a joy to my soul. Let my God be exalted on High. Let a multitude of praises come rushing in. The LORD is pleased. Lift up his glory with me. The lifting up of the LORD shall be an everlasting joy. Let my hands praise thee and let my soul rejoice. Let every fabric of my being jump for joy. O how I long to praise thee. Thou knowest this truth. I am in awe with my God and the lifting up of his glory. The LORD is worthy; for his blessed hand has come forth with rejoicing. He bringeth hope where there was none. He removed their sadness and lifted up the sorrows from the oppressed. The LORD is good. O the goodness of God is with us. Rejoice, O children of the living God; for the good God is our God. The LORD on High, most High and wonderful God, shall indeed be exalted. Glory shall abound at the throne of my God. This truth I have spoken of the living God shall remain. My heart desires the fountain of living water. O how my soul desires to praise thee and exalt thy glory. The blessed hand of God is with me. It is always with me. He heal the sick and make glad the hearts of the oppressed. The LORD sheweth mercy. His lovingkindness is very high. It is in heaven. O LORD my God, my darling, truly thou art wonderful in my sight. My tongue shall speak of thy goodness; for I have seen the goodness of God. And I testify to the glory of this great God. Glory will come at the hand of Almighty God. It will come and it shall not go away. I have seen how you have taken away the afflictions from the sick and how quickly you have done this. They give glory to thy name. Thou art the blessed hope of all the world. The people praise thy name because of thy mercies and thy lovingkindness. O LORD, thy servant speaketh truth; for thou art my God. Truth come from thee. Thou art truth. As it was in the beginning so shall it be in the end. Behold my God. Behold the glory of all things heaven and earth. Behold the Holy One that lives forever. Behold everlasting glory who is magnified forever. Behold power and glory rising on the wings of eagles for an everlasting testament to the glory of God. If any man seek God he seek a good thing. Come to God, he that is without hope and burden with fear. Come to God, he that is burden with corruption and become a slave to sin. Repent, repent, repent; for the kingdom of God is at hand. Come into the glory of the living God who giveth water that shall quench your thirst forever. Come and let us rejoice in the wonderful name of our God. Let us lift up glory on High and let us magnify the beauty of holiness.


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