LORD, continually make a way. Move mountains and draw near. Thou art LORD God Almighty. Thy fire burns; thou art the consuming fire: the way is made clear. All that which have risen against thee have fallen. They have vanished into desolation. O LORD my God, who can withstand thy glory? The glory of the LORD is like no other. The glory of the LORD is magnified in truth. The saints rejoice in the glory of God: they dwell in hope. The greatness of God is in the heavens and the earth. Everywhere is the glory of God. The LORD my God is magnified. All the days of my life I shall rejoice in the glory of God. Truth will come forth and honour God. The joys of his blessed hand will come forth and remain. O LORD my God, my glory, make haste and come forth and rejoice. Rejoice; for thou art the blessed hope of all the world. Thou art the everlasting Light. Upon Zion, thou shineth forever. Who shall see, lest they come in the light? Who shall glory forever lest they glory in God? Thou art the perfection of glory. Let glory come. O LORD, let glory come. Let everything burn like silver, purified seven times. Let them be cleanse and let them be holy before you; for thou art the Holy One of Israel. Thou art everlasting God. Thou art the Creator of all things heaven and earth. O LORD my God, let everything praise thy name. And let the saints bless thee. Let the little children be permitted to come unto thee for they are the delights of thy kingdom. It is the LORD’S desire. For it is you who have said: Suffer the little children and forbid them not to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven (Matthew 19:14). Let them come forth and rejoice in thy name. Let my God be pleased with their presence. LORD, you have said: Verily I say unto you, Except you be converted and become as little children, you shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven (Matthew 18:3). O LORD, how precious are they that humble themselves before you? They are a joy in thy sight. Thy heart blossoms in glory. Thou delight in meekness and humility. Thou maketh know the ways of prosperity. They are not the riches of the world. But they are the riches of God Almighty. For you said: Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth (Matthew 5:5). Whosoever therefore shall humble himself as this little child, the same is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven (Matthew 18:4). Then let us, O LORD, humble ourselves as little children before you and bow before thy throne. Let us rejoice in thee with a pure heart. Let us magnify our God. Let us lift up thy glory and reverence our God. Let us delight in thy hand that brings forth liberty with strength. Let us glory, O God; for thou art glory. The LORD on High is magnified. We delight in the LORD our God. We lift up his glory and we make known of his greatness. O LORD my God, even the mountains must bow to thy holiness. Who can stand up before thee? Thou art the most High God. We maketh ourselves low before thee, that thou may lift up our glory. Like little children we humble ourselves. We are fallen into the ground that thou may lift us up. We bow to you and reverence thy name. Thou art the blessed LORD. Thou art the perfection of glory. Thou art the everlasting Light. We remember thy holiness and thy righteousness. All thy mercies shall come down before us. We are made glad in thy blessed hope. All thy grace thou shall impart unto us. Thy favour beseech us, not because we deserve it, but because of thy lovingkindness. Thy lovingkindness is very high. We praise thy name and bless thy soul. Rejoice in the goodness of God. The LORD is good to us. He hid his face and blotted out all our sins and we blessed the LORD. O what a terrible thing in righteousness the LORD did. He did what only he can do. The perfection of beauty is our God. We will seek his perfection; for all things imperfect will be made perfect in the LORD. We will stand on the rock, the perfection of glory. If the LORD is our God we will not be shaken. We honour him. We delight in his good works. We follow after them. O the hand of God is a blessed hand. All his ways are precious before us. We lift up his glory. We rejoice in the goodness of God. We will keep our covenant which we have made with the LORD. We will love him and obey him. We will keep his commandments. They are not grievous before us. We delight in them. We delight in the saving hand of our God. We put not our trust in the strength of man. But we trust in the LORD. We trust in the great deliverer who broke the chains and freed the prisoners from bondage and maketh a way when there was no way.

The lovingkindness of God is very high. He will not be deterred. The LORD God Almighty will have his way. Glory must come by his mighty hand. And only by him shall man see the light. Who can live without him? Who can sustain oneself? Who can say, I am destined for glory, yet without the LORD? For to glory without the LORD is to glory in vain. All vain things will be destroyed forever. Who can say, For I lift up my hand to heaven, and say, I live forever (Deuteronomy 32:40)? Only Almighty God can do these things and so shall it be. The glory of God shall remain. As it was in the beginning so shall it be in the end. Judah shall not be trotted under. It shall bring forth the Lion of Judah. My God, the joys of Judah shall stand up and devour his enemies. O LORD God Almighty who lives forever, let thy glory abound. O let a mighty glory beseech thee. Let it be magnified, so great a glory that the joys of heaven will overflow. O LORD, hear me and honour my heart’s desire. Let thy servant mount up on the wings of eagles and rejoice. Let my rejoicing never cease; for behold the great and mighty God is my God. Let truth and honour crown thee, O God. My LORD, let the heavens lift up thy glory. And let thy glory be magnified forever. Let every living thing praise thy name. Let the earth give up its glory and magnify my God. Let it come speedily and rejoice in thy name. Let a multitude of blessings come forth before thee. Thou art worthy, O God, to be praised. Thou art worthy to be lifted up, and to dwell in hope forever. O LORD my God, my days are joyful because of thee. Thy glory I shall lift up on High. I shall exalt thee before the sons of men. They shall know of thy mighty wonders. And I shall speak of thy lovingkindness and thy mercy. Thy righteousness and thy judgments, I shall bring before them. They are a joy to those who love you. O precious God, who even in thy strength sheweth compassion and in thy greatness thou did attended to our cause, thy name shall glory. We shall exalt thee even more. The excellencies of my God shall be preached in all the land. Thy hand shall bring forth the fruits of thy labour. The LORD my God shall prosper. Joy shall abound. O what a mighty joy that shall abound in the presence of my God. His heart shall rejoice with gladness. And my soul shall jump for joy. How can I contain myself with the joys of heaven? How can I be silent and not speak of the goodness of God? ” I will not rest until the righteousness thereof goes forth as brightness and the salvation thereof as a lamp that burneth.” The saving hand of Zion shall rejoice. With strength shall his glory be lifted up. O mighty God, thou art my God forever. The glory of Zion is lifted up on High. My King shall reign forever. My heart is made glad with the truth of the living God. The glory of God is an everlasting glory. Zion will stand forever because the LORD delights in her. Her beauty shall not go vain, nor shall it wither and die. It shall be like an everlasting spring that giveth water and a light that shall not go dim. The fountain of living water is our God. Zion shall rejoice. It shall be a delight of the saints. The LORD has made known of her glory. O what a mighty glory shall abide in Zion. All her riches shall come forth rejoicing. The lifting up of our God is established forever.

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