I will praise thee, O LORD, among the people: and I will sing praises unto thee among the nations (Psalm 108:3).

All the days of my life I shall bow down to God and worship him. His name shall be a joy to my soul and a testament to my glory.

LORD, let all my praises come forth quickly, rushing like a mighty river. Let them come and offer up praises to the most High God. O how my soul is made glad by thy hand. Thou art such an awesome God who carries me with a strong arm and will not let me go. My God, loving you is easy. You make my life such a joy because you have shown me your love, and you favour me. You have taken me from the depths of hell and stood me on higher ground. You glorified me and scantified me. Everywhere I turn thou have made my path to glory. I am the envy of men who do not understand the goodness of God. All thy blessings which thou poured upon me lifted up thy glory. Your joy is my joy. And my joy is your joy. They do not understand these things. What good will I be without my God? Your lovingkindness, I encroached so dearly. Thou art my love forever; there is no turning back. I rejoice in thy salvation and glory in thy glory. I hope in your hope. O what a blessed hope is my God. I am like a child who desires his father. Only if thou rejoice I shall rejoice. If my praises lift up thy glory then let it be well with me, O God. Let all the joys of heaven beseech me, for thy glory and for thy honour. There are many things I do not understand. But thou art the wise One. If thou shall guide my path I shall follow. I shall trust in thy hand and praise thee. Thy glory shall I lift up and magnify. The LORD my God shall glory. Because the LORD makes my heart to rejoice his glory shall not cease. There shall be no end to it; for the LORD God Almighty is my God. Truly the heavens shall bow down today. There shall be a rejoicing on High. I shall bring forth a rejoicing, so great a glory before God, lifting up the hope of Zion and of truth. For great is the God who created the heavens and the earth. Marvelous are his ways. All his wonders bring joy to my heart. My hands are stretched forth. So strong are my hands like the wings of eagles. In righteousness, I come before thee, to praise thee, to offer thanksgiving, and pour my heart out before thy throne. All my tears of joy shall come forth like a mighty river. This is a joy for me to lift up thy glory, to turn to thee, and to delight in thy excellencies. Thou art the Light that will shine forever. Thou art glory, everlasting glory to behold. Thou art the blessed hope of Zion. I will walk in thy path of paradise and heavenly glory. I will cling to you; for you have never failed me. You have shown me your faithfulness and I can depend on you. All my desires the LORD knows, and my heart smiles as an abundance of glory beseech him. And my thoughts are that my arms will wrap around him from deep within my soul. O LORD my God, let my blessings beseech you and let the joys of my God be forever magnified.

When I think of thee I am overcome with joy. I remember thy goodness and how great and mighty thou art. I remember all the terrible things you have done in righteousness. How you freed the captives from bondage and attended to the poor and needy and lifted up the lowly on high. The LORD removes all the afflictions from the righteous. And they praise his name. He will not hold on to his anger forever but shew mercy. The lovingkindness of the LORD come forth with gladness. He joyfully sheweth love and mercy. He is our God and only him shall we praise. The compassion of God is renewed daily. We look to you and desire thy perfection. We desire to be like our God. Truly our God is a perfect God. Hear, O heaven, the voice of thy servant and praise the name of our God. Lift up his glory. Lift them up high. Sing songs of jubilation. Make a joyful noise unto the LORD. Say to him, O beauty my darling, my first love, let thy glory abound forever. O blessed hope who is mighty and strong, let thy power be lifted up on High. Let it be known that power and glory belong to the great and mighty God. He holds all the wonders in his hand for his glory and honour. Who is like the LORD of hosts, the Holy One of Israel? Thou art the greatest. Thou art the most High God. Thou art magnified in glory. Thou art everlasting unto everlasting glory. Thou art my God. Thou art my salvation and my dwelling place. I will hold on to my heritage which thou have given me and I will give thanks to thee forever.

O LORD, thy name is a joyous name before me. Let thy righteousness come forth with an abundance of glory. Thou art a marvelous God, worthy to be praised. Let my worship be acceptable in thy sight, that I may rejoice in thy saving hand. Thy strong hand has kept me and will keep me for all generations, that I may mount on the wings of eagles with thy praises and lift up the name of the most High God. Let glory come, O LORD; for thy hand is a blessed hand. Forever shall thy name be praised and the lifting up of our God shall be joyful to our souls. With gladness we shall declare thy greatness. All thy mighty wonders we shall bring forth with joy. We shall not refrain from thy exaltation. For if our God shall glory then it shall be well with us. Let glory come and let it abide in the name of the LORD my God. Let a multitude of praises come rushing in like ten thousand rivers. Let hope blossom with gladness; let them jump for joy. O LORD the God that giveth salvation, let thy name be exalted on High. Let the joy of my God be forever magnified, then shall I say: it is well; it is well; it is well.

Lift up glory; for glory is the LORD my God, who have lifted up billows of afflictions from the afflicted, and sheweth mercy to all. He has extended his lovingkindness to the rich and the poor. He giveth grace where there was none. The goodness of the LORD is upon this earth. Everywhere is the goodness of God. Who can truly understand this saving hand of our great God? The LORD keepeth us alive. He giveth us a new day, that we may turn to him and praise his name. We have done many foolish things and bringeth shame upon ourselves. But the LORD forgive us of our sins. He repent and turn his anger away from us. Who is like our God? O lift up the LORD who sheweth mercy and lifted up the afflicted on high. O lift up the LORD my God, my great and mighty God, who have repented from his anger and sheweth lovingkindness. The LORD is good. Oh how I love him because he loved me first. Let the LORD be praised forever. Let our thanksgiving be excellent before him. O bring a multitude of praises before his throne, a sweet savor to the glory of God. O the beauty of holiness, the dwelling place of the LORD is holy. Lift up holy hands before him. Yea, rejoice in his mighty name. Sing songs of jubilation but lift up holy hands and praise the LORD. The LORD is good to us. He maketh our days to prosper. We stand in his strength; for our strength is weak and feeble and fallen into the dust. Our strength is vanity. What shall a man be who hope in his own strength? All his glory shall be vain. And his days shall wither away in the dust. All vain things must cease. But the glory of God shall be magnified forever. We are made alive to glory in the image of our great God. O give unto God his praises. Hold nothing back. Pour out your soul before him. Lift him up; lift him up; lift him up on High. Bring forth a multitude of praises before him. Lift up his mighty name on High; for the LORD is good. He giveth to us meat to eat and water to drink. He considers us in our times of need. O, the goodness of God, who can measure it? Let us praise the LORD. Let us offer thanksgiving; for he is our God. He is our redeemer, our salvation, our blessed hope. He is our rock that shall not be moved. He giveth us our heritage that shall be for all generations. O the goodness of God, makes me jump for joy. I am in love with him and I cannot hide it. He is my darling, my first love, who will not stay away from me. The rock upon the hill of Zion shall not be moved. The LORD is our God. We put our trust in him. The ways of the LORD are excellent before us. They are marvelous in our sight. Let us sing songs of praises to the great and mighty God. Let us bring before him treasures, a bountiful of treasures, and praise the LORD. Bless the LORD, O my soul, and all that is within me. Bless the LORD, children of righteousness and truth. The goodness of the LORD is with us. The beauty of holiness is our God. The LORD is blessed forever. Let us lift up his blessed name in righteousness, every man repenting of his sins before praising God. Bring holiness before him. Bring righteousness before him. He is our righteous and holy God. O precious LORD my God, thou art truly marvelous before my sight. Thou art my God forever. Thy right hand, O God, is a strong hand. Who is like unto the LORD? There is none but you who can deliver the captives from bondage. Thou art my faithful God. In all the land I shall declare the wonders of the LORD. I shall make known of his riches and his glory. And his faithfulness shall follow. The goodness and the lovingkindness of the LORD shall be spoken of. His tender mercies shall be lifted up on high. Thou art a good God who have saved a ratched man like me. Will thou not save a sinner from corruption who sincerely call on thee? Thou will shew mercy; for without thy mercies no one shall make it. For who is worthy but thee, O LORD? Thou art the only good One. O God, truly my soul rejoices because of thy hand. Our righteousness are but filthy rags. Because of thy mercy we live to rejoice and to give praises to a God who withdrew his anger and forgive us of our sins. Thou sent thy only begotten Son. Who can repay you for this deed? There is nothing that we can offer. But please accept our thanksgiving and our blessings. Daily we shall give thanks unto the LORD. Yea, we shall lift up his glory and magnify his greatness. Thou art our God. Thy hand has freed us from bondage that we lift up thy name on High, and rejoice. We rejoice in the mighty hand of our God. We lift up his name above all names. We bless the LORD. We remember the lovingkindness of God and we bless the LORD. We remember his judgments; O how excellent are they before us? And we bless the LORD. Our sorrows have turned into joy and we blessed the LORD. Our dry land spring up with living water and we blessed the LORD. We eat of thy body and drink of thy blood and we blessed the LORD. We remember Zion and Jerusalem and we blessed the LORD. We withheld not our praises. We rejoice; for thou have considered us inheritance of a great land. We remember thy compassion, how thou renewed it daily and we blessed the LORD. O the goodness of God, so tremendous a glory. The hand that saves is a blessed hand. We remember thy saving hand and thy salvation and we blessed the LORD. Thou art my God who is exalted on High. Thy right hand is a marvelous hand. O what a mighty glory. The doors of heaven are opened. Thou art truly my God. Thou have taken away my sorrows and filled my heart with joy. Thou have never stopped loving me, neither will I stop loving my God. Thy name is kept on High. My praises shall exalt thee with gladness forever. Because you have been good to us we will continually praise thy name. Your glory shall be a testament to our glory. Yea, they shall say, Who is this God that they praise? Who is this God that they exalt on High? And we shall say, He is Almighty God, the most High and wonderful God who shall reign supreme for all generations and be our God.


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