LORD, I searched for thee, in the depths of the earth and in the highest heaven; for there is none like thee, O LORD. Who shall I run to and who shall comfort me? Who shall give me hope in the hopeless days? O LORD my God, thou art the blessed hope. I remembered this and my rejoicing was not in vain. In my sorrows, yet did I praised thee. Shall I not praise thee in my joy? Thou have bestowed upon me a glory which I do not understand. Thou follow me and thy presence will not leave me. O LORD, my maker on High, my glory forever, thou art my God. Thou art the hand who lay me down to sleep at night and awaken me with joy in the morning. Gladness beseech me in the morning’s dawn. I offer praises to thee, O LORD. Thou knowest all my thoughts are for thee and for thy glory. The joys of my soul are in your joys. I lift thee up with gladness. Thou knowest that I will not cease lest my praises are accepted before thee. All my thanksgiving reaches very high. I am in awe with all thy ways. My soul rejoices. O Father, depart not from thy servant but let me behold thy treasures. Thy dwelling place is full of righteousness. Thou art holy. Cleanse me, O LORD, and make me acceptable in thy sight. O LORD my God, make haste that I may lift up holy hands and praise thee. Let thy glory come forth quickly that thy joy may abound with gladness. O LORD, I lift up thy name in the highest. I excel thy glory. Above all glory, the LORD is esteemed. Out of my bowels flow rivers of living water. And like ten thousand rivers thy joy shall flow with gladness. Because thou have kept me for thy glory, thou shall be exalted forever. Yea, with gladness I shall praise thee. And with boldness I shall rejoice in the name of the LORD.

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