My lips shall greatly rejoice when I sing unto thee; and my soul, which thou hast redeemed (Psalm 71:23).

Blessed be the name of the LORD. Blessed be the most High God. Blessed be my God who have steady my path and lifted up my glory before the sons of men. Blessed be the everlasting hope of Zion and of righteousness. The lifting up of the glory of God shall indeed be excellent before me. The LORD, upon the hill of Zion shall rejoice. To the ends of the earth his glory shall be magnified. Because the LORD sheweth me his tender love, I will lift up his glory. Because he has caused me to rejoice I will lift up his glory. I will boast in the name of the LORD and I will shout for joy. The LORD, who have established all things for his glory shall rejoice. In the highest his name shall be exalted. Truth shall come to me; for the LORD God Almighty shall bring it. And I shall lift up the glory of God to the ends of the earth. I shall not run and hide like a coward; nor will I say, I know not God. But I shall stand up with courage and declare what is right. The LORD on High is blessed. His name is excellent before me. His truth shall not fall to the ground; the glory of the LORD is established. It is established forever. Let every man who hears the word of God know that the truth shall not go away. It shall not be diminish. But it shall stand with glory. The servants of the LORD shall magnify his glory. In all the land they shall testify to his truth and who shall turn to Christ and follow after his ways shall find life. Everlasting life awaits every man who believe in Christ.

The LORD most High and mighty shall be magnified. In the highest, his name shall be exalted. It shall be lifted up on High and no one shall bring it down. Glory shall abound. It shall abound forever. From everlasting unto everlasting, it shall abound. The LORD made known his glory before me. He sheweth me his grace and his tender love lifted up his glory. Marvelous are the ways of my God. Great is the LORD my God who sheweth lovingkindness, and whose mercy endureth forever. The LORD is blessed. He heeled the sick and I rejoiced. He freed the oppressed and I rejoiced. He taketh away the bondage that burden them and I rejoiced. I rejoiced in the hand that saves, in the lovingkindness, and goodness of God.

The Spirit of the LORD came upon me. And I said, the LORD will do it because he is capable; he is willing; he is a good God. He is a great and mighty God whom giveth me hope. He is the One in whom I seek strength. The glory of the LORD is magnified in this truth. I look to thee, O LORD, my hope that will not go away. And I bless thee; for thy lovingkindness is very high.

The LORD is my strength and my shield; my heart trusted in him and I am help: therefore my heart greatly rejoice; and with my song will I praise him (Psalm 28:7).

Believe that the hand of God will deliver you from bondage. Believe in the power and the glory of God. Believe in the Almighty God, the most High God. He cannot fail. O, the mighty healer is my God. The miracle worker is my God. The LORD sheweth mercy and his grace comes down from heaven. He favours me and I lift up his glory. The LORD is pleased. I said, the LORD will heal you today because he hears my voice and he will not leave me to stand in shame; nor will he allow you to say, he cannot deliver. The LORD delivered me from bondage. He took me out of the pit. When my days were full of sorrows he bringeth me joy. Hope stood up before me and I praise the LORD. I rejoiced in the name of the LORD and his salvation. He is a faithful God. O how wonderful is my God? I was faced with a situation but I put my trust in God. I cried out to him, a sincere cry of a stranger in this land. I said, LORD, I am imperfect but thou art perfect. Thou art the perfection of glory on High. Thou art everlasting glory to behold forever. O LORD my God, my tears are laden with hope because thou art my God. My ways are imperfect but thou will guide my steps. Bring hope before me, O God. Let thy truth beseech me. Hide the billows of destruction from my path. But let glory come and let it abide. Let the hand of my God sustain me; for I am a stranger in this land, O God. Father, I need you. For what will I be without the LORD? Have your way, O LORD God; for thy way is precious in my sight. All thy judgments are true. My God is faithful and true, a just God for all generations. Let my blessings fall upon you, my God; for your goodness and mercy follow me. That same day, the LORD attended to my cause and I lifted up his glory. I testified to the glory of God, and withheld not his praises. I magnified the LORD, my blessed hope. I praised the LORD, my faithful God. The LORD heard my cry and did not turn away his face. He came to my aid like a rushing wind. He did come quickly that I may know that he is my God. Because he stands with me and help me, I shall exalt his name in all the land. Forever shall I lift up the glory of God. I tell you the truth: it shall be a joy to my soul. My heart shall desire it. I shall praise the LORD in the morning. And when the night comes I shall say, where art thou, my LORD? Make known to thy servant thy goodness and let thy joy beseech me. The glory of the LORD shall abound. And the lifting up of my hand shall offer a magnitude of praises. The LORD is my God. The LORD is good to me. He comes to me and abodes with me. O how I love the LORD. The presence of the LORD delights my soul and I bless the LORD. O, how excellent is his glory in the highest? I lift up the glory of God in the highest. Above all names, I extol him. The LORD is exalted on High. The LORD my God is excellent before me. The greatness of the LORD shall not be hidden. His name shall be famous in all the land. Yea, they shall hear of him and say, He is Almighty, the most High God in all the land. This is whom he speaks of. His glory shall abound forever and so shall his name be exalted. The delights of the LORD are many. His truths shall be published in all the land. They shall know of his lovingkindness and his righteousness. His lovingkindness is everlasting. His righteousness is very high. I shall also speak of his judgments, and rejoice. O, how excellent are the judgments of the LORD? They are true and just. The testimony of the LORD is sure, making wise the simple. The LORD is my God. His name is the sweetest name I know. O how I love the LORD. Lift up his glory on High with me. Let us speak of his riches and delight our souls in the goodness of the LORD. All his excellencies are before us; they are marvelous in our sight. Speak and extol the LORD. Say, LORD God Almighty, thou art everlasting unto everlasting glory. Thou art the blessed hope on High. Thou art wonderful. So wonderful thou art. All thy ways are marvelous. The delights of the LORD are many. His greatness cannot be measured. The glory of the LORD abound forever. There is no end to his glory. Because of this my soul rejoices. I am glad that the LORD is my God. Truly I tell you the LORD liveth. The LORD liveth forever. There is no other God beside him. He shall not share his glory with another. All the glory and the power is his. His name is the name of hope and strength and power. Turn to the LORD and lift up his name. Let glory abound on High. Let it abound; for it is well with my God. Let it be excellent before the LORD, then shall it be well with you. Stretch forth righteous hands to the heavens and praise the LORD. Lift up glory; lift up the most High God. The hand of God shall bless the righteous. He shall prosper them. Because they keep his commandments he shall love them. Their names shall be precious before him. The LORD is lifted up on High. The blessed LORD shall glory. My God shall dwell in hope. From generation to generation, the LORD is magnified. This truth I speak and no one shall remove it: the glory of the LORD is forever excellent. Let it be known in all the land the glory of the LORD shall remain. Upon Zion, the King shall reign with excellency. The glory of the LORD shall remain. It shall remain and I shall rejoice in the LORD.

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