Bless the LORD, all his works in all places of his dominion: bless the LORD, O my soul (Psalm 103:22).

Holy Father thou art in heaven, hallow be thy name. O LORD God Amighty, thou art the only holy and righteous One. Thou art everlasting glory above the highest heaven. Thou art God all by thyself. For this, O LORD, I exalt thy name above all names. I lift thee up in the highest heaven and bestow a magnitude of blessings upon thee. Thou O LORD are magnified in truth and all thy faithfulness has come before me with a sweet savor. Let their rejoicing in heaven lift up the LORD my God. Let them shout with glory and let thy heart blossom with joy. Thou art worthy; my God, thou art worthy to be praised. Let the rivers rage with glory but let them give thanks and praises to the LORD. Let the mountains stand with strength but let them give glory to the LORD. Let the valleys array with the beauty of the lillies but let them give glory to the LORD. Let the birds sing songs of sweet melodies but let them give glory to the LORD. Let the stars shine brightly at night but let them give glory to the LORD. Let the sun show its beauty in the day but let it give glory to the LORD. Let man drink and eat but let them give glory to the LORD. Let every living thing give glory to the LORD. Thou have created all things for thy glory and thy glory shall indeed be magnified. Because thou have shown me mercy and favour me, thy glory shall be exalted, exceedingly high. Because thou consider me I will praise thee. Thy name will be exalted, O God. With joy shall I arise in the morning and anoint myself with the blessings of thy hand, with gladness, knowing fully well that the LORD is my God in whom shall I find mercy and grace. Favour shall come like a fresh breeze in the morning’s dawn. It shall spring up with joy. The goodness and lovingkindness of the LORD shall beseech it. Wisdom, knowledge, and understanding shall come. Yea, with rejoicing shall they come because the LORD has ordained it. The blessings of the LORD shall come; for thou art the blessed hand that favour me. Truth shall come and I shall turn to thee and lift up thy name. Glory shall abound. The glory of the LORD shall abound. And I shall rejoice in the name of the LORD. Yea, I shall be glad; for the hand that keeps me is glorified. In thy power and thy glory shall I arise and lift up the name of the most High God. Glory, O LORD God, shall beseech you. Day and night thy glory shall abound; for the LORD God Almighty is the most High God. My God shall have his glory. And no one shall take it away!

O LORD, you come to me in the morning; shall I not give thee praises? I shall lift up thy name, O God. With gladness in my soul I shall bring forth the glory of the LORD. I shall proclaim things in thy righteousness and declare thy truth. Thy truth shall set the captives free. Liberty shall jump for joy; for the hand of God sheweth mercy. The terrible hand of God in righteousness bringeth hope. I shall lift up thy name, O God. So high shall thy glory be lifted up; and it shall not come down. This shall be sustained forever. Because the LORD is my God it shall remain. Hallelujah, the LORD is my God. You will have your honour even if I have to do it alone. Because you have steady my path and stood me up on higher ground, I will lift up thy name in all the land. Thou knowest that I have done it and I am not afraid to do these things and stand up with the courage of my God. I cannot run from thy hand, O LORD. You have created me, even in the womb who knew me. If the LORD is my God who shall I be afraid of? Is there any that is stronger than thee? There is none. They are all vanity that shall go down into the pit. All lying tongues shall not prosper. All falsehood shall not stand; it shall be a desolation before them. With boldness shall I give thee glory. And with joy shall I proclaim the goodness of God. Let the multitude of my blessings come forth before you and lift up thy glory. Let thy praises be magnified forever, then shall I be pleased; and my heart shall not cease from rejoicing. Today, O LORD, thou have kept me. What joy thou have bestowed upon me and thy glory? And I sing thee songs with rejoicing. I pray that thou will keep me tomorrow also that I may give glory to the God that I love, and rejoice in his rejoicing. Thou knowest how much I love you and what I have endured for your love, yet I did not give up. Upon thy mighty rock I stand. I stand with the glory of God forever. Vain shall be the hand of the wicked. They shall cease. They shall be no more. But your name shall not cease. Thy glory shall abide forever. My tongue shall speak of thy truth. And lift up your glory forever and ever. Amen.

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