Repent! Repent! Repent! All ye nations of wickedness, repent. For the kingdom of God is at hand. Turn ye away from your wickedness. Turn and do not look back. Look to the LORD, my righteous God. For truth cometh from God. Life eternal is God. And those who love God shall also dwell with him for ever. Let it be that you despise corruption but love the goodness of God. Let it be that you seek righteousness; for the LORD God is righteous. Be ye holy as I am holy, saith the LORD. Lift up glory on High. The LORD is my God. Put your trust in him. Hope in the LORD. He is the everlasting hope. He is the blessed hope. Let the ways of God be embedded in your hearts. Repent, repent, repent, nations, O nations; for the LORD God Almighty is soon approaching. Turn ye from your wicked ways; for the day of the LORD is at hand. Blessed be the LORD my God, my salvation and the redeemer of my soul. Blessed be his name forever, who abodes with me and bestows his glory upon me. Rejoice children of salvation. Rejoice children of liberty and hope; for the LORD is your God.

O Father, thou art God, to whom the heavens shall rejoice. Thou art everlasting glory, to whom the saints shall praise. O how I long for you my God. Thank you for your presence and for loving me. Let your glory blossom. Let it rise up on the wings of eagles. And let it, O LORD, be praised for all eternity. Thou art my God. This day thy servant rejoices.

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