Praise waiteth for thee, O God, in Zion: and unto thee shall the vow be performed ( Psalm 65:1).

O how good it is to love thee, O LORD, to remember thy strength and thy power, to hope in thy glory that will not go vain. O precious LORD, God of marvelous hands whose hope is held high upon the rock, a beacon of light to thy people, that they may look to thee knowing that you will always be there. O LORD my God, most wonderful and blessed God, thou art forever a faithful glory to behold. O LORD, thy goodness and mercy are excellent before us. We look to thee where we find strength and thy hope is rich with all thy goodness. When our hope is burden we remember thee, our rock. We say, the LORD is our rock and our salvation. Under the shadow of thy wings we seek refuge. We trust in the LORD; he sheweth favour to us and lift up our glory day and night. From the rising of the sun, thou art there. When the night comes thou art still there. O LORD, we look to you for all our needs which you provide. We rejoice in thy hand, our God, that speaketh truth, even from the beginning. Thou have not changed; truth follow thee. Thou art truth and the foundation of it. O how pleasurable is thy truth before the sons of men who love the LORD. Wise men look to thee for truth; for thou giveth to those who seek thee. Thou art more than generous to those who seek thee in Spirit and in truth. The doors of heaven are open. The LORD comes down. His glory is exceedingly high. O, the beauty of holiness is the LORD. O Father, thou art my God: thou have made my heart to know this, that I shall seek thee and lift up thy glory on High. O Father, how faithful is thy blessed hand? Truly, thou art the everlasting God and the hope of my soul. Rejoice, rejoice, rejoice my God, O holy One of Israel; thou will be exalted by my hand forever. O Zion, lift up the name of my God. Thou art blessed and honoured and favour follow thee. Thou art put on high. O so high a glory that the LORD shall dwell in thee. All thy hope shall rejoice by the hand of Almighty God. Yea, Zion shall glory. O what a mighty glory shall be in Zion. Truly, the joys of heaven are with Zion. I will say of the LORD who stands in truth for all generations, he shall rejoice. O, the goodness of the LORD is with me. He shineth his face upon me and brings joy to my soul. Because of this, thy name, O God, is exalted in my heart, above all other names, for all generations and for eternity. This shall be my joy that shall not go away; for thou art the great and mighty God. Thou art everlasting hope. Thou art magnified in glory. O Zion, lift up the name of the LORD. Thou art blessed and honoured and favour follow thee. Truth seek thee and the countenance of the LORD is with thee. O blessed Zion rejoice. Rejoice, rejoice, rejoice; for the LORD is your God.


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