The righteous shall be glad in the LORD, and shall trust in him; and all the upright in heart shall glory (Psalm 64:10). But the wicked is glad to do evil and trust not in the LORD. Instead they trust in vanity and corruption and every lying tongue. They disguise as angels of light but bringeth death before the people.

Hear me, O great God who sitteth on High, who despises evil but love good, who delivers the poor from oppression and injustice, that I may declare thy truth in all the land, that the wicked may turn from their wickedness and seek the LORD. Let them despise evil and seek righteousness. O LORD, in falsehood many have come to betray thy people, telling them evil is good and good is evil, turning them away from the word of the LORD my God. But the truth of the living God will be spoken by the servants of God. For this is ordained before the foundation of the world. Many will hate us for speaking the truth. But what good is it to be loved by many and yet see damnation? The truth of the LORD will be spoken from him that received salvation and the glory of God. Let it be written that righteousness cometh from God and only a true believer of Christ will be deemed righteous. Unless the prophet is sent by God he will not speak the truth. And the Holy Spirit will not confirm that what he speaketh is truth. Then let it be known that no receiver of the Holy Spirit will deceive God’s people. But the spirit of deception is not holy, nor from God. For who deceives but the devil? It is his nature, even from the beginning. So I warn you, O faithful children of God, do not be deceived by lying tongues that cometh to turn you away from God and bring destruction before you. God is represented in truth. It is by truth that he created the heavens and the earth, which he spoke at the beginning. It is by the spoken truth that prophecies of God will come to pass. Salvation is by the true Christ, the Son of the living God. It is by truth the word of God is put into my heart, which is spoken here today, to guide his sheep to Christ and the gates of righteousness. For it is only by righteousness shall a man see the face of God. The light of the LORD dwells in righteousness, in truth. A righteous man need not be motivated by anything but the word of God to tell the truth. But the wicked has an agenda to deface the truth, corrupt, and destroy. These are the last day and in the last days the true shepherds of God shall rise up with glory. They shall rise up with glory that shall not be understood by many, with boldness and without fear, and with the hope of righteousness that dwelleth before the foundation of the earth. They shall speak the truth of the living God and their only agenda is to please him. The true sheep will hear and believe; for only they shall hear the voice of God and follow him. Let the LORD be magnified today. Let the glory of the LORD pour out upon his servants that they may lift up glory and glory shall abound. Let it be spoken in all the land that the LORD my God will prevail. He shall prevail in the faces of falsehood. Corruption shall not deter him, nor shall the gates of hell prevail against him. Today the Spirit of the living God shall rise up. It shall rise up and it shall rejoice. As it was ordained in the beginning before the foundation of this earth, so shall it be. Victory will be by the hand of the living God. And only by his hand shall man live for all eternity. Only by Christ, the Son of God, shall man enter the kingdom of heaven. Any other hand bringeth eternal damnation.

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