The mercy of the LORD is with us, who dwells in hope and truth. God is high in the heavens and his truth shall be exalted. All his mercies shall come forth as joy to those who love him. He shall withhold nothing from them who seek him in truth. The LORD guides our path and sheweth favour where there was none. He maketh rain to fall upon us in the dry season. We believed in the LORD when many did not. We honoured him when they forsake him. We blessed him when they cursed him. We glorified him when they despised him. We loved him when they hated him. The LORD was merciful to us and his lovingkindness he did not withheld. With his terrible hand in righteousness, the LORD poured out his blessings upon us. He shew us compassion and lifted us up to higher ground and made his face to shine upon us. He protected us against our enemies and they did not overcome us. O bless the LORD with all your heart and soul. Lift up his name in all the land. Remember his love towards us. When we were ridiculed the LORD considered it. He turned our shame into glory and sadness into gladness. We blessed the LORD and exalted his name in the highest. We offered thanksgiving, and a multitude of it. We did not cease from praising his name. The LORD’S name is a blessed name. His glory is without limits. In the heavens and the earth the LORD is magnified. Because the LORD is good to us we shall honour him. We shall extol him and bless him. Continually we shall praise his name. In all the land we shall declare his truth and lift up his mighty hand. The right hand of the LORD is a strong hand. All things are in his hand. He bringeth salvation in his right hand and delivered us from bondage. He made us rejoice. He put a new song in our hearts, a song of glory and of hope. We praised the LORD and blessed his name. We lifted up his glory on High. We were not ashamed in the presence of our enemies. We praised the LORD and rejoiced in his name. We trusted him. And he did not turn us into the hands of our enemies. When fear came upon the nations he taketh away our fear. Our hearts rejoiced in the LORD. The LORD has been good to us. O Father, thy hand is a loving hand. In the shadow of darkness the LORD maketh us to rejoice. He feed us and shelter us and protect us from the dry land. We prepare in the wisdom of the LORD. And we praise his name. The LORD has shown us light in darkness and we blessed his name. We blessed the LORD for his mercy and grace. Our days are made to prosper – we glorify the LORD. His blessed hand is with us – we rejoice. We rejoice in the name of the LORD, who attends to our cause. We praise him and magnify his name. Day and night we bless the LORD. This shall be the joy of our heritage.

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