Thy way, O God, is in the sanctuary: who is so great a God as our God (Psalm 77:13)?

Why art thou modest today, righteous man? Why art thou quiet and will not rejoice in the name of the LORD? Hold back not your rejoicing; for it is well to praise the LORD. Say terrible things in righteousness. Make a joyful noise unto the LORD. Bring treasures of joy before him. Declare his works before the sons of men. Speak his truth; for it is well to do so. Magnify his glory. Yea, magnify it. In all the land magnify it. Lift up the LORD, the most High God. Make a vow before him; fear him; reverence him; delight in all his ways; for it is well to do so. He is the LORD our God. Let us be wise and praise the LORD. Lift up thy hands. O, lift them up high with might. Let the strength of the LORD govern thee in thy praises. Let his joy swell up in righteousness. Let him be glad. O little children, praise the LORD. In thy meekness thou art wise. In thy weakness thou art strong. Humble yourselves before the LORD. In thy humility thou shall please God. Declare the wonders of the LORD. Make known of his riches and his glory. Let it be known in all the land how great is the God of heaven. His right hand is a strong hand: how excellent is his right hand before us? He saves; he delivers; he protects; he comforts; he provides; he sheweth mercy which is great above the heavens ; he giveth grace; his compassion is renewed daily; he is faithful in all his ways – it reaches unto the clouds; his righteousness is very high – it is like the great mountains; his judgments are just. They are a great deep (Psalm 36;6). O, magnify the LORD with me. His glory is above all the earth. The LORD is our God – let us praise his name. Let us exalt him on High and lift up his glory. Let us magnify our God continually. Blessed be his name and his riches and his glory. Blessed be the LORD who guides my path and show me things I knew not. Blessed be his name forever; His glory and power are magnified in truth. He is the LORD! He is the only righteous God and his ways shall be established for all eternity. He is my God in whom I delight. Let his glory be without end – then shall I be pleased.

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