Bless the LORD, O my soul: and all that is within me bless his holy name (Psalm 103:1).

LORD, lift up thy glory and magnify thy truth. Thou art everlasting God. Thy hand is a mighty hand. O precious God, my darling, let thy joy abound forever. Let RIGHTEOUSNESS stand tall like a high tower. Let my God be exalted on High. His riches are excellent before us and his throne is a throne of glory. Glory upon glory abound in the midst of my God. I tell you it abound; for the LORD is with me. Stretch forth righteous hands and praise the LORD. Bring treasures and gladness, rejoicing before him. Sing songs of jubilation and magnify the name of the LORD. O mighty God, Creator of all things heaven and earth, let thy glory be without bound. Let it not be restrained and confined. But let it abound in glory. O let it abound; for thy hand is a great and mighty hand. A hand of power and strength, the LORD is my God. Truly I tell you – all the power and the glory is the LORD’S. Let it be that no one shall measure thy glory, my God. Thy glory is one to behold. Behold my God whose glory is without measure. Behold RIGHTEOUSNESS; behold my Christ, the glory of my salvation and truth. As it was in the beginning so shall it be – my God shall be magnified. Glory upon glory shall crown him. Yea, he adores with glory. Behold the great glory of my God. Lift him up! Offer a multitude of praises to the LORD my God. Delight in the LORD, in his lovingkindness and his righteousness. Bless him without ceasing. Day and night remember him. My God, let my heart exalt thee. Let my praises be acceptable before thy throne. O Father, thou art truly my God. Make way for the riches of the glory of God. My soul shall lift up my God forever. Yea, I shall magnify the joys of heaven, and exalt my God in the highest heaven. Amen.

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