The LORD shall go forth like a mighty man; he shall stir up jealousy like a man of war: he shall cry, yea, roar; he shall prevail against his enemies (Isaiah 42:13).

The LORD will make known his riches, glory, and might. His excellencies shall be kept on High and exalted. With precious care shall we seek his name and magnify his glory. Because he is the LORD my God, who have shown me his love, I will bring forth his treasures with joy. Yea, I shall be glad to lift up his praises and put his name on High where men shall honour it and reverence it. Because of this God, I yet sing songs of praises. He has put this joy in my heart that I cannot stop singing songs of jubilation. His tender love has captured my soul and give it rest, even in the battle. I love you LORD; I adore you. Because you have shown me the way, my blessed hope, and cause me to walk in the light and rejoice in thy name, I will continually bless thee. LORD, you know all that I shall endure because of your name; but who, O LORD God, is worthy to be praised but thee? I will call on thy name and lift up the heavens with rejoicing. You O LORD, are mightier than all. You are wiser than all, a wisdom that cannot be matched and an understanding that is beyond reach. You are the greatest. My God, you are the greatest. You are the unshakable, unbreakable God. You are my God, my rock and my salvation. Father, you have kept me despite the fact that many deceitful and wicked ones desire to overthrow me. They say, that they shall take your glory away. And I laugh at them; for I say, you know not the God that I serve. Did they forget that thou art the God of Elijah? Remind them of thy hand my God. Let thy fear come upon them who say they are fearless. Bring to nothing their errors and pride and let their fallacies be burried into the pit. Justice, O LORD, shall not be shaken, nor shall it be taken away. But grace shall be taken away from wicked men, who desire corruption and delight in unrighteousness.

They know not my testimony of thy hand that delivered me from bondage, nor the God who keep watch over me and attend to my cause. They know not what my eyes have seen and what glory has come upon me. But I tell you the truth, the LORD God Almighty is the everlasting God. He will not go away. Before him there was no other God. He is the I AM THAT I AM. He is my God. The glory of my God shall be magnified and no one shall take it away. It shall be magnified day and night. And for all of eternity, I shall say: Blessed is the LORD my God. God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confront the wise; and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confront the the things which are mighty (1 Corinthians 1:27). Yea, I am one of whom Paul speaks of. If what I do may seem foolish to you, yet praises the LORD, then let it be. Let it be that the LORD shall rejoice in my foolishness. Let it be that I will lift up the name of the LORD in all the land and no weariness shall overcome me. In the morning’s dawn, in the presence of the LORD, I will lift up the name of glory and of truth. And I will be glad to do it over and over again. Because he holds my destiny on High, with mighty hands that cannot fail, my tougue shall declare his truth and proclaim his righteousness. Yea, I will call evil evil. And I will call good good. I will bring forth his word and however it cuts then let it be. The words of God shall not be changed for man. But man shall change to honour the words of God. God will be honoured by his word. You can share the message and tell them that God has some servants who will not bow to wickedness. Know you not that I am the LORD’S? Make your way straight before him. Gather up your loins. Cry out his name. O precious LORD on High, who delights our soul, hear our plead today. For today our faith has stood up like a high tower and like a rock we will not go away. O Father, hear us, O faithful God. My God, lest you be the One we turn to, we are lost like the dust in the desert. Like darkness in the night, we shall not see our ways. And with every wind we shall not find rest. But if thy hand is with us, then we shall say the LORD is our God. Let us say, the LORD is our God. Day and night let us say it. Every chance we get let us say it. Let us remember thy saving hand upon which we shall endure. And your glory shall be magnified forever, because you have chosen well. O Father, hear me, that your joy in heaven shall be exalted. And the God who have loved me and kept me so dearly, shall rejoice. We thank you; we thank you. O precious LORD, we thank you.

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