Blessed is every one that feareth the LORD; that walketh in his ways. For thou shall eat the labour of thine hands: happy shall thou be, and it shall be well with thee (Psalm 128:1 – 2).

It is good to fear the LORD, to walk in his ways, to honour Christ, and to lift up righteousness. It is good to stand in the freedom of liberty, to declare things that are right and acceptable in the eyes of God, to bring forth the good news, the gospel of Christ, to share the joys of our God, and to light up the world with his everlasting glory. Let us as children of the great and mighty God stand together, in unity, and lift up the glory of the LORD. Let us live in his love, this untainted love of righteousness, to behold an everlasting glory of truth where only light can exist, and the eternal life of our God can abide. O Father, love is life. And without love no one will make it. LORD, full our hearts with thy love and let us walk in the fullness of our God. Search us LORD. Search our hearts, and remove all guile and bitterness. Remove all anger and hate. Cleanse our hearts from unforgiveness and let us rise up renewed in Christ my God; and lift up the gates of heaven. O Father, we thank you for your mercy and grace and for believing in us. It is because of your faithfulness we yet abide. Thy hand cannot fail. O what a mighty God. Because you have ordained a good thing, even before the foundation of the earth, that we partake of a glory, a glory that shall not be trampled on, but shall rise up on the wings of eagles; and lift up the joys of heaven. My God, thou art truly my God. Only you can do the things that you do. Today thy name will be praised. Glory shall abound on glory; for thou art the true and living God. In all the land thy name shall be glorified. O stars upon stars, because you have stood with the joys of the LORD, rejoice. Magnify the LORD. O rivers that flow with water and saturate the earth with the blessings of the LORD, rejoice. Rejoice in the LORD who have kept you with the joys of many waters. O Father, your beauty have come upon me and delight my soul. Stretch forth thy hands, all the delights of the LORD and praise his blessed name. Make known of his glory. Hills and valleys, sing songs of praises and jubilation. Because the LORD has kept you and honour you, lift up his glory. Lift up the mighty name of the LORD. Lift up Zion and the everlasting beauty of righteousness. Lift up my God and bless his holy name forever. For thou shall eat the labour of thine hands: happy shall thou be, and it shall be well with thee (Psalm 128:2).


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