Magnificent God, my deliverer, my salvation, thou art abundantly glorious. Thou art my God most High, the delights of all generations. Thou art the shining Light that giveth light to the world. O LORD my God, thou have bring forth thy joy so exceedingly well before me and have laid down hope on the horizon, even Zion thy glory on High. LORD, without you I am nothing and I need your help to bring your message of hope to the world. Father, by thy hand I am here before you, to lift up thy name and to exalt thee in the highest. Even before the sons of men, I shall praise thy name that they too shall come to know of thy glory and magnify thy name. LORD God, my great God on High, as the heavens are high so too let our praises exalt you. Let us as your deciples, your prophets, your saints, have your courage, strength, and anointing to do your will and bring forth the good news that many may hear and believe and humbly come to you. LORD, protect us that no matter the opposition, the spirit of the antichrist, your word will be preached all over the land. Give us a bold spirit, O LORD, to rise above atrocities, and excel your glory before the sons of men. Let us be warriors for a worthy King, our LORD Jesus Christ, and stand in the liberty which he bestowed upon us. With your power, we march forward. In your authority, we declare things that are right, not wavering for anyone. No matter our challenges, we will strive on with thy grace, lifting up Zion, and the hope and spirit of our LORD and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Who or what can keep us away from our God? Even in our afflictions, yet shall we rejoice in the wonderful name of the LORD. For thy hand giveth grace sufficient unto thy glory. And it shall profit a man to praise the LORD, even in his trials and tribulations. For your word said: Those who sow in tears shall reap in joy (Psalm 126:5). Then it shall be well for us all to sow in tears. O LORD, the beauty of my soul, surely thou art my God. And my hope is that the saints remember your words in their time of need and suffering. LORD, remember us and give us the strength and courage to endure. Thou giveth hope in times of need. That we shall keep our eyes upon you and our hearts longing for thy presence. How loving and merciful are our God? Let us look to you, our Oracle, our beacon of Light, for all generations. Father, let thy mercies be forever treasured among the saints. Let us seek thee, O LORD, and lift up thy name with the joys of ten thousand stars. And then let us do it over and over again. O how many rivers blossom with thy glory? Let them rejoice in the name of my God. Thy hand is exalted without measure; for thou art the great and mighty God. Father, hear me. Thou always hear me. LORD, let your joy be magnified today. Let it overflow from above and in all the earth let it be forever excellent. The pleasures of the LORD are magnified abundantly because he is the LORD our God. Rejoice O LORD; rejoice my God. Truly thou art the most wonderful God.

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