Faithful is the LORD who has laid down the foundation of the earth. Faithful is he who has created the heavens, the moon and the stars and the sun that giveth light into the day. I will trust the LORD my God who sustains all things for his glory. The magnitude of this God cannot be understood. So great is this God, who can begin a task so evil to attempt to measure the infinite glory of God? Who was with God when he created all things heaven and earth? There was no other God but him!

Thus saith the LORD the King of Israel, and his redeemer the LORD of hosts; I am the first and I am the last; and beside me there is no God (Isaiah 44:6).

Let God be magnified in his power and glory. Let him stand tall in his strength and let us bow solemnly to our supreme God, with worship and exaltation and praises. Let us lift up glory on High. And let us bless the LORD God Almighty. Let us bless him, who is blessed forever. Then it shall be well with us in the sight of God. With songs of thanksgiving we shall lift up our God on High. Let us make ourselves low, but lift up the LORD our God! Let glory abound and let it not cease. Let it be a perpetual thing before the throne of God. We shall stand with our God; we will not turn our backs on him. Faithful and true are our God towards us. For this we shall honour our God, even unto the grave! The light of God shall not depart from us; for the LORD is our God forever! We shall lift up our hands in truth; holy hand we shall bring before our God. And the joys of heaven shall abound. It shall abound: I tell you the truth; for the glory of the LORD is upon me. Truth shall be before us – it shall be a beacon of light unto our path. The LORD is our God. Righteous and holy is the LORD. Truth shall abide in the gates of righteousness. The LORD is our God. Let the glory of the LORD be magnified. To the ends of the world shall we lift up our God. In the fear of the LORD we shall stand in his glory and lift up his name in this evil world. Yea, we shall desire to glorify him more and more. We shall not get weary. In his strength, we shall lift up glory and rejoice. Day and night we shall lift up glory. We shall bless the LORD and thank him for his lovingkindness. His mercy and grace we shall endear. We shall be grateful for his faithfulness towards us. We shall seek his truth and delight in his judgments. The LORD is our God and his glory shall be our rejoicing. We shall delight in the goodness of God! His right hand shall be a strong hand before us. Glory shall abound before our God and we shall rejoice! We shall bless the God on High. With gladness we shall lift up our God! O, the goodness of God is with us. His favour is upon his people. And his daily mercy shall be a beacon of light to our souls! O love the LORD my God. He is a good God. He is my God. So tender is his love. O Father, truly thou will not withhold the joys of heaven from those who love you. Those who honour you and obey you shall not lack any good thing. The LORD shall provide for the righteous. He shall make a way where there is no way. He shall move mountains before them, and pour his blessings upon them. He shall do these things; for the LORD is our God. He shall provide for the righteous. He shall sustain them and guide their steps. The LORD is blessed forever. Let his glory be magnified forever and ever. And let his truth rise up on the wings of eagles to be a testimony before all men!


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