REVIVE US, O LORD by Michael

Though I walk in the midst of trouble, thou will revive me: thou shall stretch forth thy hands against the wrath of thine enemies, and thy right hand shall save me (Psalm 138:7).

LORD, my glory in heaven, my hope upon the hill of Zion, I come in your testimony and in your truth, in your salvation, in your freedom which thou have bestowed upon thousands of your beloved children, that we will stand in truth and lift up thy holy name. Thou art whom we turn to for strength, to do thy will, and to glorify thy blessed name. O LORD, thou art forever great, yet so gracious to your beloved. We humble ourselves and oblige to our loving God who sustains us now, and will continue to sustain us, even unto the end. To him we praise with thanksgiving; for so dear a God to our souls, yet so great and mighty is his hand. Father, I thank you for being our God. O how I thank you for loving us.

LORD, revive us; revive the body of Christ that we will come together in one accord, in thy power and strength and thy anointing, to lift up our Christ and our God. Let us magnify thy glory as we await the return of our King. Let thy Word be the Word to be desire. Fill our hearts up with thy word, O LORD. Thy word is truth. Even from the beginning thy word is truth. So great a truth that it will last forever. Let us lift up Zion. O LORD, my great God, upon the rock is thy glory. Upon the rock is our strength. Make way kings and princes and all that dwelleth in the earth, for the LORD God of hosts. Make way I tell you; for He that is in us is greater than he that is in the world. The LORD God Almighty is King. He is the everlasting King that reign in Zion. His way shall prevail. The LORD shall revive his people. Israel shall be revived. And Jerusalem shall jump for joy. The LORD is our God forever. He is our hope; He is our foundation. He will revive us for his honour and glory. Blessed be the name of the LORD. Power and strength and glory is the LORD’S.

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