O LORD our God, how excellent is thy name in all the earth (Psalm 8:9)!

Father, as you desire, in your wisdom, let us listen to reason, to a caring, loving, and patient God. Let us stand in truth, seeking that which is beneficial to our souls. Beautify us LORD; equip us, your light in all the land, that we shall stand like beacons of light for Christ, shining in your glory throughout all the earth that your glory shall abound with greatness and that all shall know that thou art God, whose name alone is JEHOVAH. In all the land let thy glory be put on High. Let you be the name to treasure and adore. My God, let our hearts blossom with gladness because you are our God. Yea, let us magnify your name with perfection. Let us bring forth testimonies of our God before thy throne and lift up the only wise God that liveth. Let us come before you boldly, in Christ Jesus, knowing that you are our beloved Father whose kingdom is an everlasting kingdom. O LORD my God, this day is given because you are LORD. The day dawns and fade away; we see the perfection of the hand of Almighty God. And although night has proceeded after day, thou art still God. To this I delight, my God. In thy beauty, in thy greatness, in thy excellencies, the LORD is magnified. O heaven, exalt the LORD our God. Lift up thy hands, all that liveth, and praise the LORD. Jump for joy, O earth, and establish your ways in the LORD. For he is our God. It is he who made us and not we ourselves. The LORD is blessed forever. His hands are a delight to our souls. Stretch forth thy hands and partake of the salvation of the living God. Render your hearts to the LORD and let him come in. Let him be your God. O LORD my God, my blessed hope on High, truly thy greatness is spectacular. So marvelous is the hand of the most High God. I am in awe with the works of thy hand. LORD, open our eyes to your truth; let our hearts delight in thy ways. Let us rejoice with a hopeful glory. Because thou art our God we shall prosper in thy rejoicing. Because we have established our ways in the LORD, we shall be rooted in Zion. We shall adore the blessings of the LORD and his holiness. We shall lift up Zion, the land of the LORD our God. We shall do these things; for righteousness’ sake we shall do them. In the power of our God, who is all powerful, we shall attest to his glory. The LORD is glory, the delight of my soul, the beauty of holiness. O LORD my God, truly thou art the God of power. Thou art the God of hope and everlasting glory. Thou art rich with honour and glory. Who is like thee, O LORD? All the depths and the heights shall avail nothing. Thou art the only wise God. Thou art the holy One of Israel. Thou art everlasting unto everlasting God. Thou art my God and I will not withhold thy blessings, nor stand in the way of thy glory. Let them cloak you, O LORD, with joy and gladness; let truth and honour cover you. And I shall bless you with the sweetness of my soul. Let your rejoicing be forever magnified. You, O LORD, are worthy to be praised.


Stretch forth thy hands and partake of the salvation of the living God.

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