O mighty God of everlasting glory and strength, I bless thy holy name. I lift thee up, O LORD, most High and wonderful God. My God, my protector, my shield, thy ways are not like our ways. Truly thy ways are magnified beyond measure. My God, thou art forever wonderful. My God, thou art forever faithful. O how I have seen thy faithfulness and the excellent ways of my God. I have seen glory on High. The hand of my God never fails. Who is like thee, O LORD? There is none. Only the LORD shall rejoice on High. O precious LORD, I come with thanksgiving. For thou have answered my call. Thou have glorified thyself and magnified thyself, even in the midst of heathen. To the delights of many thy name were magnified. And it shall forever be a testimony. Who can heal and who can do miracles but thee, O LORD? Who can take away the pain from the little ones and the despair from the face of a mother? Who can do these things but my God? Truly, thou art blessed forever. Who can take away the pain and suffering and the despair from the heart of man? Only you, O LORD, can do these things. For thy hand is a blessed hand. Thy hope is a hope of glory and truth. O how I adore you. My heart is filled with joy. Because you consider me, O LORD, and hold me in thy tender mercies, I rejoice in thy name. I testify to thy glory. I magnify thy greatness. Because the LORD adhere to my cause, in all the land I shall bless thee. I shall exalt thy name on High. Yea, and I shall be glad to say, thou art the most High God. Thou art my God forever. Blessed be thy name. From generation unto generation; from everlasting unto everlasting, the name of the LORD is blessed.

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