O Father, let thy hope extend with thy beauty. And let the joys of many rivers flow with thy blessings. The LORD is our God; his delights are excellent before us. Lift up our God in the highest. Make know of his riches and his beauty. Speak of his lovingkindness and his righteousness. His mighty wonders and his glory are magnified in truth. Because he is our God we shall exalt his name. O Zion, be glad; for thy hope is excellent before thee. Sing songs of jubilation. Make the riches of his glory to blossom with excellencies.

O LORD our God, who is excellent like thee, O LORD? Thou art the rising of the sun, the hope of every living thing. As the morning dawns with its beauty so is the LORD’S. God giveth life to man and beast. He sustains all. The mercy of the LORD is with us. Day and night his lovingkindness shines upon us. We are his people. Let us praise the name of our God.

O Father, my loving Father, who have shown mercy and whose compassion fail not, thou art truly blessed. All the hope of the LORD is excellent before us. He laid down truth which stand with his glory. The glory of the LORD is upon this earth. In the heavens is the glory of the LORD. His hand is great and there is none like him. I love the LORD. All my soul love the LORD. I shall magnify the LORD with every breath and every strength of my being. The LORD shall rejoice. My great God shall dwell in hope. Because the LORD has beseeched me and cover me with righteousness, I shall lift up the LORD with all my heart. I shall not be ashamed of the name of my God. In all the land the name JEHOVAH shall be magnified. Believe me when I tell you that. For the LORD is with me. He is my everlasting God. Because my God alone is Almighty God, him alone shall be praised and exalted in the highest. The LORD is blessed forever. And my tongue shall speak of his greatness.

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