GOD’S MERCY by Michael

In thy favour, O LORD, thou have instilled hope in the hearts of thy beloved. Because the LORD has blessed us with his lovingkindness, we shall exalt the name of our God. When we did wickedness before thee and departed from thy sight, thou did not forsake us. Thou withhold thy wrath. Thou sheweth us mercy that we may come back to thee and be thy people and you our God. We offer thanksgiving, O LORD, without measure. We remember the ways of our God, how he considered us, even when we did not deserve it. The LORD is merciful towards his people. His mercy endureth forever. Let us praise our God, our everlasting God, in whose hand we shall prosper, in whose mercy and grace we shall endure. Let us rejoice in the hand of righteousness, our LORD God Almighty. To him we say, Behold the blessed LORD, our God of Zion. Behold, our Saviour, our salvation, our truth. Behold, the everlasting God, the Creator of all things heaven and earth. Behold, the everlasting light of the world. Behold, my God, whom I run to for shelter, in the day of trouble.


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