For the LORD God is a sun and shield: the LORD will give grace and glory: no good thing will he withhold from them that walk upright (Psalm 84:11).

Stand up for justice and truth and be not still to lift up the truth against evil and the vanities of this world. Stand up in the boldness of our LORD, children of judgment and truth. Rise up like eagles, on the path of righteousness. The LORD is our God. We shall proclaim liberty in all the land. We shall make known the riches of our God that sinners shall repent of their sins and enter into the bosom of righteousness. To God be the glory, the God of hosts.

Lay treasures of hope before God that he will delight in the goodness of your hearts. Let hope abound. Let it abound in the goodness of God. Let his lovingkindness be excellent before us. Let his righteousness come forth with joy. Upon Zion is our King of righteousness. The LORD is blessed forever. My God is magnified in this truth. Let his truth come forth with rejoicing. The LORD is good and there is none like him. Stand in the liberty of Christ and let your rejoicing be excellent before the LORD. For Jerusalem’s sake stand and hold not thy peace. Speak the truth of our God who will judge this earth. And everything that can be shaken will be shaken. Stand in truth. Depart from evil. Every evil thing shall be cast into the pit, in hell fire. Proclaim the word of the living God that sinners shall hear of it and find hope in a God that sheweth mercy. God sheweth mercy to me, my soul was in the depths of corruption, where violent men find no joy, where hope brings despair, and joy brings sorrow. But who is like unto this God, the LORD of hosts, the Holy One of Israel? Who is like unto my God that sheweth mercy to a ratched man like me? That today, I stand with my God, in liberty and in truth, full of the Spirit of the living God, in his strength, in whose grace and mercy I endure, with a hope that shall not go vain. But shall bring forth the joys of Zion. And those who seek the LORD in truth shall also find joy in the LORD.

Let us exalt the LORD, the most High God. Let us lift up glory and let glory abound. O heaven, lift up the LORD my God. Lift him up in the highest, in the temple of holiness. Make way for our King, our High Priest. Lay treasures of gladness before him. Worship him in spirit and in truth. The LORD is our God. Holy, holy, holy, is our God. Let his mighty glory and his greatness be exalted with truth. The LORD is our God. Him shall we lift up in Zion. Him shall we praise. From everlasting unto everlasting, we shall praise the blessed name of the LORD. Yea, we shall do these things and we shall not faint nor go weary. Truth shall keep us. The salvation of the LORD shall be with us. Forever shall we delight in his mercy. The goodness of the LORD shall not depart from us. All the days of our lives we shall dwell in hope and the peace of our loving God.

O mighty One, thou art worthy to be praised. By thy hand, O LORD, we shall endure. By thy riches we shall prosper. In thy blessings, yet shall we find favour, in this world of miseries and wickedness. We stand in thy confidence, O LORD; for thou art our God. We wait on thee, for every word that cometh out of thy mouth; for we know if the LORD is with us we shall not go vain. Let the LORD go before us. Let thy truth be with us. Let thy wisdom and thy fear abide with us. Show us thy mercy, the hand of our God that delivered us from bondage. We honour you and delight in your ways. We hope in the LORD, who is God alone. By your hand we shall live in the land of the living. Blessed be thy name, O LORD, the God of our strength.

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