Yea, they sacrificed their sons and their daughters unto devils (Psalm 106:37).

You also do these things when you sit in fellowship in these churches of false doctrines, exalting devils, gods that are not my God. But the day will come when the doctrine of the living God will shine through with a bright light in Zion, when hope shall excel in glory, and the beauty of my God shall be magnified. Then hope shall rejoice with gladness and truth shall jump for joy. Then I shall say, Blessed is the LORD my God, who speaketh truth, and whose truth endureth forever. And I shall say, O wise God, who giveth wisdom to the obedient and those who humble themselves before you: Blessed be thy name, O God; blessed be thy name forever.

Many have lost sight of the glory of God. They live in the earth without hope, dragging their children behind them to places of condemnation, to places where my God cannot be found, nor can he dwell in peace. They lift up their hands to Baal and say, It is for the LORD. They burden my God with miseries and every vain thing. They have eyes but they do not see. They have ears but they do not hear what the LORD is saying. They dwell in a land without hope, sinning their souls, making a mockery of God, lifting up unclean hands, and hearts destitute with corruption. They say they are wise and have done a good thing. O foolish people, why do you burden the LORD with vain things? Why do you turn to evil and say, It is good? Why do you dwell in a dry land and then say, It is fruitful? Why do you drag your children in a dry land without living water, and without the life of my God? Do you not know the ways of God? Have you forgotten his lovingkindness, his judgment, and his righteousness? Have you forgotten the ways of the LORD? O how he has redeemed sinners and sheweth them his salvation. The LORD is good and there is no one like him. Yet you go whoring after devils. That is exactly what you do, being wise in foolishness. And then you say you are praising God. But you know not what is truth from lies; for you cannot discern it. But I will pray to God that he will open your eyes to his truth that you may change from your wicked ways and be saved from eternal damnation.


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