Sovereign God, whose name alone is excellent before me, I solemnly bow to thee with adoration. Thy faithfulness attends to my cause and the lifting up of the saints. O LORD of everlasting glory and truth, we magnify you without measure. Thou have given us thy love which we do not understand. But we treasure it and give thanks to our everlasting God. Your faithfulness is very High and we rejoice in it. The hand of God is merciful towards us and his ways are gracious unto our souls. Blessed be thy name, O LORD. Blessed be thy name, from everlasting unto everlasting.

The LORD watches over all of us; we dwell in hope. Our salvation has excelled in glory because the LORD considered us. We rejoice in Christ, our Messiah and our God. We rejoice in our inheritance of hope whose glory is magnified beyond our imagination. The delights of the LORD are greatly esteemed. Truly, this God of Israel is Almighty God.

His light shineth with liberty and with truth. His path is made straight for us to follow. O LORD, how gracious are thy thoughts towards us? We have wallow in miseries but thou art forgiving to our repenting souls. Thou shall not consider our errors of the past but shall delight in us like the dawn of a new day. O Father, my thanks are not enough today. For today, thy favour has beseeched me. How excellent is thy name, O LORD? How precious are the souls that delight in my God? The LORD is lifted up on High and his name is exalted with gladness. The heavens shall rejoice in this truth and Zion shall be magnified with glory. O Sovereign God, whose name alone is JEHOVAH, thy beauty is excellent before me.

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